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Is there Space: Diezani Begged to Return to Nigeria to Avoid Being Jailed in UK- The Nation

According to a report from The Nation,
former petroleum minister Diezani Alison Madueke is afraid of being jailed in London, and this is the reason she recently begged to come to Nigeria to argue one of her fraud cases.

The report said her trial in London is expected to commence soon, and EFCC officials are upbeat that the trial will justify the extensive job they did in investigating her.

“We see her as making moves to frustrate the course of justice after we have hauled a lot of evidence to the United Kingdom,” one source said according to the report.

“If she comes back, she will come up with frivolous applications up to the Supreme Court level to halt her probe. She might take advantage of the law to frustrate investigation and her arraignment in court.

“Intelligence also revealed that she is already afraid that she might face trial before some conservative judges who may strictly apply the UK law against corruption.

“So, she is just afraid of the long arm of the law catching up with her.”

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