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Hehee: Hilarious Story on how Armed Robber Hires Security Guards To Protect His Community Against Other Robbers in Nigeria [Photo]

Operatives of the Lagos state police command have arrested the chairman of Celenca Community landlords association, located along Badagry expressway, Lagos State, for stealing and snatching cars.

According to NewTelegraph, the suspect, Daniel Egwe, 42, told police officers that he went into crime after some top Nigeria Customs officers defrauded him of over N4million.

He said: “Yes, I went into crime after some Customs officers swindled me of N4m. I borrowed most of the money they stole and I needed to repay my creditors. I also joined crime because I had been dreaming and yearning to become chairman of the landlord association in our community.

I needed money for that. You have to lobby other landlords to vote for you.
This included doling out money. I spent money on those landlords that voted for me.” When operatives stormed the community to arrest Egwe, members of the community wouldn’t allow them to take him away.

They told the operatives that Egwe was too pious and honest to be a robber. They said it could be a case of mistaken identity. Police alleged that he had used proceeds from crime to build houses in the community.

Egwe was arrested along with Bademosi Adebayo and Nnamdi Ariwodo. A police source said: “According to the community members, the suspect had contributed immensely to reduction of crime in the community.

He single-handedly hired security guards to keep watch in the community. He hired guards to keep out armed robbers from the community, while he is also an armed robber.”

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