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Life & Styles: "I was opportune to work with superstar producer Kiddominant" Says Uniosun Fresh Graduate, Singer Rillz D Badman in Exclusive Interview


Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen.
Welcome to one of d biggest reality show here in Nigeria "Life n styles" with Mr Kiddah and Bussy(hosts)

On today's episode on life n styles we will be having our interview with someone who you all will be interested in

Dnt lemme say anything abt our guest now a big round of applause as we call on our guest in person of RILLZ

Rillz: Good evening
Kiddah and Bussy hope you guys are doing great!!!

Mzz Bussy: Yes.....thanks
Rillz welcome to today's episode of life n styles.
It feels really good to have you here with us
Can you pls give us a proper info of yourself for fans who dnt know you?

Rillz : I also feel the same about being here, it really feels great.
My name is JIMOH Rilwan Ishola, I am a musician with the stage name Rillz or let's say Badman Rillz

Mzz Bussy: Good
What made you choose your stage name?

Rillz : Rillz was derived from Rilwan so in some way I got Rillz from Rilwan
Badman was given to me by my fans as they feel I am very good at what I am doing so they say I am a Badman in a good way

Mzz Bussy: Nice 
Okay...So what made you choose music of all things?

Rillz : It wasn't really hard choosing music over everything, it all started from my childhood having my Dad playing music all over in the house, car etc. I also loved singing to any song that would come up either I knew the lyrics or not, my uncle is also a musician Abdullahi
Ojulari a well recognized Islamic musician. So it's just came to me naturally as something than I feel at ease exercising

Mr kiddah : Wow that's good to know
So Mr Rillz what's the genre of your music, i mean every artiste has one and we'd love to inquire about yours?

Rillz : About that, it's true that every artist has one but I personally don't feel that way though I feel more at ease doing Afro-fusion , afropop, Rnb mainly so we could say I do Afropop but I can also do other types of music

Mr kiddah : Wow Afro.... basically Afro according to your reply, have you ever tried any other genre apart from the listed genres?

Rillz : Yes I have done Rnb, dancehall, reggae dancehall, Rap

Mr kiddah : That's great... Before we proceed there is one important question which we'd like to ask you... We all as humans have a role model not to talk of you being an artiste so tell us who is your role model?

Rillz : I do, although we might be from different environments but I still look up to him, Chris brown I am trying to say, he has been in the game since age 14 and he still there, Crazy right!!!
But another person I could say is Davido

Mr kiddah : This is deep and according to your reply we can denote that you chose Chris Brown because he has been in the game since the age of 14 but why Davido too?

Rillz : Davido Started since 19 the two of them started from a younger age and they have been able to remain relevant up till date in the game. And Davido gives hope that it's possible to make it big too even if you are from Africa.

Rillz : Making people happy and giving them hope every single day through my music that's what inspires me

Mzz Bussy: You consider people out there when you really good to hear that
What are your achievements so far?

Rillz : Thanks
I have able to receive some awards and was nominated too in some great awards, all to recognize the hard work I have been doing so far, and also I was opportune to work with superstar producer Kiddominant plus having my first video that was shot in 2015, getting my music played all over the radio in Lagos and Ibadan

Mzz Bussy: What kind of awards have you received and which ones have you been nominated?

Rillz : I have received awards for the best Artist of the year in Uniosun and also my department, I was nominated at Top naija music award for two years on the roll for the best collaboration x2 and promising act

Mzz Bussy: Wow.....
You have been in this for how long now?

Rillz : Professionally since 2015
But I started the recording thing back in 2011

Mzz Bussy: Okay.....
You are a graduate from osun state university right?

Rillz : Yes a fresh graduate

Mzz Bussy: Cool
What did you study?

Rillz : French and international relations

Mr kiddah : That reminds me
There has been rumours flying around that you understand and speak French fluently, how come?

Rillz : Funny
There's nothing hidden about it that I understand French and speak French fluently

Mr kiddah : How come?

Rillz : Grew up in a French Country.

Mr kiddah : That takes us to where you hail from, how come you grew up in a French country and based in Nigeria?

Rillz : I am from
Ejigbo, Osun State
I was born in Ivory Coast to Nigerian parents
In 2011 left Ivory Coast for Nigeria to pursue my studies

Mzz Bussy: So you have been in Nigerian for 6 years now

Rillz : Yes
Exactly for 6 years now

Mzz Bussy: Do u understand and can you speak your native language if I may ask

Rillz : Yeah I speak Yoruba fluently but also some Ivorian indigenous language

Mzz Bussy: Are you serious
Did you learn how to speak before here?

Rillz : I do speak Yoruba at home Yoruba 90% and French 10%
I learnt English not the former
In 2006

Mzz Bussy: Okay.....
Before I forget you already told us about your achievements so far so good
We will like to know what your greatest failure is and what you learnt from it? (If any)

Rillz : Greatest failure can't say, but there's something I learnt from the music industry opportunity does come easily and if it comes make use of it wisely

Mzz Bussy: Alright
Last question and we round up
Where do you see yourself 5years from now?

Rillz : 5 years from now I see my self at the top there with beautiful fans by my side and with lot of awards and plaques

Mzz Bussy: Wow Nice.....I like your spirit

Mr kiddah :  

Mzz Bussy: This will be all for now.....I hope wen next we call to have a bigger and better interview with you, you will surely answer

Rillz : Thank you feel good to hear that from you, I will surely answer to it

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