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ACADIP: Eighty-Seven people Embraces Islam as Acadip Train Of Salvation Storms Akure, head Next for Ogbomosho

According to Chief Lecturer ACADIP Nigeria, Alhaji Yusuf Adepoju:
...truth has come, and falsehood shall perish !
Allahu Akbar! When Eighty-Two (82) Non-Muslims embraced Islam*l in Modakeke, Osun State on 17th & 18th of November, 2017, Muslims worldwide were in joyous mood. People were congratulating us from Europe, America, Asia, Etc. The news went viral on social media. Well-wishers were therefore celebrating this monumental achievement in the City of Modakeke, Osun State. Many a Non-Muslim was asking... "Could this be true? Haba !!!, Ènìyàn Méjìlélọ́gọ́rin gba Ẹ̀sìn  Islam nínúun wàásí ọlọ́jọ́ méjì. (82 Reverted to Islam in two nights.)
Allahu Akbar !
Hmmm, àsé won ò tíì rí nkan kan.
At Akure Programme, as Non-Muslims were gradually moving up to the Podium, number of the would-be Reverts was steadily on the increase, _spirited attendees_ were anxiously waiting to hear "a Good News", a declaration that would shake Christiandom, hmmm, wọ́n n retí ìròyìn ayọ̀... Finally, we came to the end of the programme. Fèré dún !!! The result was announced... "AKURE BREAKS THE RECORD !!!
...10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86 and 87
And, to Allah be the Glory, the number of new REVERTS to Islam during this November-December Lecture Series has increased to Two Hundred and Eleven (211). Alimosho- 29, Ibadan- 13, Modakeke- 82, Akure- 87.
Allahu Akbar !!!
Meanwhile, ACADIP TRAIN OF SALVATION has arrived Ogbomoso, Oyo State for another 2-Day Public Lecture, tagged, "DISPELLING THE CLOUD OF DARKNESS". "Ogbomoso-Ajilete..., ìmọ́lẹ̀ dé, Òkùnkùn paradà..."
Kindly invite your Family, Neighbours, Friends and Non-Muslims...
SPEAKERS: Mallam Yusuf Adepoju (Chief Lecturer, ACADIP NIGERIA) & Other Notable Preachers.
DATES: Friday 8th & Saturday 9th of December, 2017.
VENUE: Muslim Eid Praying Ground, Opposite Lautech Teaching Hospital, General, Ogbomoso.
TIME: 9pm till Dawn Daily.
Questions relating to Salvation would be allowed from Non-Muslims.

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