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Ah: Nigeria Will Be A Walk-over, They Have No Star Player Apart From Moses - Croatian Coach Fires direct shot at Eagles

Croatian coach, Boris Pučić, believes his side will thrash Nigeria in their 2018 World Cup fixture on June 16.

Speaking on Tuesday, he wrote Nigeria off, saying the only star player in the squad is Victor Moses.

”Obi Mikel plays in China, Moses has been injured for some time and has just returned to Chelsea’s first team, while others are all in some side-tiers.

”Iheanacho and Musa are in reserve in Leicester, Iwobi for Arsenal plays a bit more, but Nigeria is now the shadow of the national team that they once called ‘African Brazil.

”Simply, there is no star player besides Moses in Chelsea and the team is not close to what we remember from the World Cup in the United States or France that played really well.”

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