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Till we see again: Ikoyi Whistle-blower Jets Out of Nigeria After Receiving Part-Payment From FG

The whistle-blower who led the EFCC to an apartment filled with cash in Ikoyi is out of the country.

This is after he got the first tranche of payment from the federal government. He is set to receive N421m in total.

“My client confirmed to me that he had received a credit alert from the Federal Government. He travelled out of the country this morning (Wednesday morning)", his lawyer, Yakubu Galadima said.

“He has been paid the first instalment but there were many tax deductions. Yes, we are happy. I will give you more details later but I can confirm now that he has received some money.

“As you can see, my client did not run mad as predicted by Prof. Itse Sagay.”

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