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[Poem of the Day] Sunday motivational Talk By Emerald (something to start your day with)

Today we bring you a nicely penned write-up by Emerald, a Student of Osun State University. Kindly sit calm and read gently, this is something to start your day with.

In this life we must make the decision on who we are to become.
Disregard what society has planned for you and rewrite your pages in the history books.
Many will hate
Many will disrespect
Many will try to stop you for no apparent reason.

Stat Strong!!!
Dig deep inside your heart
And summon that warrior in you.
You have greatness in you!
You have power in your vessel, Every part of your being!
If no one else believes in you "I do". I know you can make it.
Champions are those that keep going when their eyes are crying and it literally  hurts to keep going.
Make a stand for Your dreams and never, ever give up. You have greatness in you❤

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