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Story Time: AM I PART OF THE CURSE OR AM I PART OF THE CURE By Fadare Oluwabusayo [Episode 5]

Episode 5

Rain started falling on my way back to Bola's place. I did not get bus on time and decided to start trekking to the next bus stop. Two drunk guys came my way. I WAS RAPED. I felt miserable. I am not able to identify them. I was badly raped and I met myself in the hospital. My hatred for men doubled, they are heartless in every aspect. Bola stood by me as I have lost my strength to keep living.
Bola:are you really unable to recognise them?
Dunmininu:No I did not see their faces. they both wore black and it was late.
Bola:Why not let us go back to the place where it happened perhaps we can get any clue
Dunmininu:OKay.....they shall not go unpunished
We got to the scene and we saw a chain that looks like a locket. The other part was missing (it was a double locket) I'm sure this belongs to one of them.
Dunmininu:Bola what can we do with just this one piece?
Bola:I'm really confused. we can't go to the police station to report, we don't have enough proof.
Dunmininu:Let us at least make a report. I can't just let them go. I will be forever traumatized.
Bola:okay dear you have to be strong for me
Dunmininu:Bola what would have become of me without you. I miss mum a lot.
Bola:Hey.....don't let those tears drop. everything will be over soon. trust me
Dunmininu:Thanks a lot

I moved on with my life.It was easy to move on thanks to Bola. After 5years I and Bola graduated and went to law school for a year.Our call to bar was both successful and we went for service. Luckily for me I was able to get a job in one of the best courts in town. Bola became a business woman despite being a lawyer.
MY first case was a rape case. I forgot with all I could to win the case.
Dunmininu:I'm also a victims of rape. I will fight this case to win. trust me
Client:Thanks a lot...
Dunmininu:Be rest assured we will win this case. We will give it what it takes. This is not only your battle its a battle of every girl's freedom.
Client:Thank you ma. I really appreciate.
I fulfilled my promise and I won the case. I was very happy with my profession. I fought for justice for many injustice has been done to me. I'm earning a good money for myself and was self dependent.
Bola:Bae What's have you been
Dunmininu:I've been good dear. wow your shop has improved a lot oo... I'm proud of you
Bola:Abi.... I thank God. what is wrong? you seem bothered
Dunmininu:yes dear.A senior referred one case to me. A murder case. for some strange reasons I don't want to take up the case.
Bola:Scared that you might lose?
Dunmininu: maybe
Bola:don't worry dear. you will surely win. this is not your first murder case.
Dunmininu:thanks dear. please I'm hungry get me something to eat

Next day at office I met with the client. he was charged for murder and it was a serious case. My client is someone I never expect to meet again.

who could the client be?

To be continued....

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