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Tragic Thursday: Yet again UNIOSUN face another blow as Fresh Graduate dies after being diagnosed with typhoid [Full Gist and Photo]

Just a week After the Fire Extinguisher incidence and two weeks after the death of a HOD at Osun State University, the school is now faced with another disheartening moment as a Fresh Graduate of the School just passed on.

A2satBlog gathered that The deceased, Miss Bolade Oyewunmi jelilat was said to be part of the just passed out Students of The Plant Biology Department in the state owned university.

It was reported that FABASSA broke the sad news earlier this morning via WhatsApp post which has gone viral.

The post read thus;
"Rest In Perfect Peace Bolade Oyewunmi Jelilat

We are shellshocked when the sad news got to us about another *young blood graduate of uniosun* we lost again in our faculty. Words can't express the heartache that we are feeling for the family and friends of the deceased but our love thought prayers will forever be with them.

We will forever hold on to a picture of you were you are strong and joyful and full of love and healing. The love that everyone has for you will forever be of help to ease the pain that you suddenly left behind.

This is our sincere condolences to the family of the deceased and we pray to God that he should pulverises your pains and sorrow.

Our Condolences"

Late Jelilat was also described as a gentle and kindhearted lady by a Friend who couldn't hold the shock and took to the net to pen down a touching tribute to her.

Here's what her friend wrote:

"It is not in my habit to turn to social media whenever a serious crisis occur such as loss of loved one.

But I feel the need to do this as a way of making people see how much of a great person we've lost.

I learnt on Wednesday morning that a student of Uniosun died. I learnt she died of typhoid.

Bolade Oyewunmi Jelilat is a fighter and a real definition of caregiver. She is filled with love and happiness and whenever I try to remember her, all I see is her white teeth and how she use to laugh. I remember one of the ways to make her happy is by making her laugh. I owe a lot to her so much that I have always asked myself if I'll ever be able to repay her kindness in my lifetime and the next. The answer has always been *NO*.

I haven't even tried to repay her and she passed away. How will I ever pay my debt?

Why must she have to leave all of a sudden. Who was the doctor or nurse that treated her? Was she even taken to the hospital on time? It's a pity finding answers to these questions won't wake her up.

One thing a lot of people never knew about her is that she never wanted an extravagant life. In fact, she detest a big life. All she ever wanted was happiness and her loved ones by her side. I remember she once said she'll never marry a man who is richer than his dad. I don't know if she has said it to anyone else before. I remember her being simple and easy going.

I talked to her on the 31st of last December and she sounded so well and alive.

I wish I could turn back time and help you to prevent this typhoid that claimed your life.

It is still hard to believe and I am still expecting someone to call me and say it's April fool or is a joke to see how I will feel if I hear you passed away. I did not feel bad. I feel awful. I cannot laugh but I also cannot cry. The only thing that is going through my mind is WHY?

The darkness everywhere is like you stopped the sun from shinning. I loved her and have always loved her.

I just hope you still continue that your smile and laughter. I don't care if you repent before dying. I don't care if you remember to say your last prayer. I don't care about all the church preachings. I don't care if you died while praying.  God must put you in a good place. You cannot go through hardship on earth and suffer in heaven. This life sucks. Why do people have to die. Why do we have to be born in the first place when we will end up dead.

She is one of a kind.
If you keep appearing in my dream, I'll understand it's the fact that I owe you a lot. She stood by me when I was empty. I remember you have always believed in me and my dreams. I also know that you loved me unconditionally. You will forever remain right here in my heart.

Her name is Oyewunmi Abolade Jelilat. The world lost a happy soul.

If it's too late for you to come back to this world, then may your happy soul continue to stay happy wherever you are. May you find more happiness wherever you are.

Stay happy love."

May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.


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  2. Hmmmmmm
    So touching when I had she passed on... well she was my ex elder Sister... I know how she normally feel whenever we talk abt life... I remember the last time I counselled her about life, relationship and her future hoping to see her becoming a mother. I could remember vividly we both walk out to visit a friend then... may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace...

    1. ReaReally touching, we all know what it's like loosing a close friend... May her gentle soul rest in peace