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Agbako: Bad Tempered Woman Uses Saw To Cut Manhood Of Furniture Dealer over late Job In Lagos [Photo]

Furniture Dealer Becomes Impotent After Angry Customer Attacks His Manhood With Saw Over Late Job
Bad Tempered Woman Who Used Saw To Cut Manhood Of Furniture Dealer In Lagos Over Late Job Arrested

Mr Henry Umoh, a furniture dealer in Lagos is now battling to restore his manhood after he was attacked by a 32-year old single lady, Oladunni Ogunmusire with a saw in Lagos.

The attack took place at Idimu Road, Idimu, Lagos where Umoh had his office.

Omo narrated that he no longer had an erection and his marriage was in jeopardy as he cannot have sex with his wife.

It was gathered that Umoh’s wife has not taken the lightly as she was said to have threatened that it was either Oladunni replaced her husband’s manhood or she will deal with her because she was not ready to remain like that without having sex with her husband.

The police at Idimu Division had arrested Oladunni in connection with the attack and detained her at the police station but she was later granted administrative bail.

According to P.M Express, trouble started after Oladunni had given Umoh a contract for furniture and a date was agreed for him to complete the job. However, on the agreed date that she will carry the whole furniture, Oladunni got there, the job was not ready and she became angry.

She reportedly used the saw at the workshop, stabbed Umoh and it pierced inside close to his manhood which affected his penis. This was confirmed by Umoh who is now complaining bitterly about his health as he cannot fulfill his obligation to his wife despite the fact that they already had four kids.

Oladunni has admitted that she did so but that it was out of anger and she never knew it will get to that extent. Ondo State-born Oladunni said it was unfortunate that the whole thing had turned out like that, but pleaded with Umoh and the police that she was ready to treat Umoh at any cost to restore the penis back.

But the police insisted that Oladunni had committed a criminal offence and was liable. Consequently, the DPO ordered her to be charged to court for the alleged offence.

The Akwa Ibom State-born Umoh told the police that what was important to him was his health and since Oladunni and her family had agreed to treat him, he preferred being treated first than she being taken to court. Thus, Umoh swore an affidavit and presented to the police indicating that he did not want to go to court. He has been taken to an undisclosed General Hospital where he was being treated.

When P.M.Express contacted Oladunni, she was in tears and replied that the incident was a way that God had wanted to purge anger from her life. On what will happen if Umoh’s penis was not restored, she said he had faith and was optimistic that God will heal Umoh.

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