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Story Time: AM I PART OF THE CURSE OR AM I PART OF THE CURE By Fadare Oluwabusayo [Episode 6]

Episode 6

I was sorting out some files when he came in
Client:Good morning ma
Dunmininu:Mr.Akinola.....You! why are you here? what exactly is going on?
Mr.Akinola:Dunmininu my daughter please calm down. let me explain
Dunmininu:explain what? point of correction I'm no one's daughter so please just hold it
Mr.Akinola:you can't do this to your father. I know I have wronged you in the past
Dunmininu:Oh please I don't have a father I'm am orphan. leave my office nicely, I don't want to be rude
Mr.Akinola:Please my daughter I need your help. you are the only one that can save me.
Dunmininu:GET OUT. Go and meet someone else to fight your have money so itz no big deal for you
My mood was completely ruined. The man who said, all sort of things to me and even accused me of my mother's death want me to take up his case NEVER. I called Bola.
Dunmininu:hello Bola......
Bola:hi are you
Dunmininu:Nothing seems fine here.... do you know who my client is?  Mr.Akinola my father.
Bola:Omg! this is serious. what do you intend on doing now?
Dunmininu:are you still asking. I sent him out of my office and told him to find another lawyer to take up his case
Bola:my dear calm down. Your father will always be your father.
Dunmininu:I don't have a father anywhere.. he is dead to me. He said I was a curse to the family and even said mum's death was because of me.
Bola:I understand you dear. just take things easy. I will support your every decision but think about it well.
Dunmininu:Okay. talk to you later
My senior who referred Mr.Akinola's case to me pleaded to take the case
Dunmininu:sir, I respect you alot because without you I won't be here today. you can give me any other case but not this one.
Mr.Jide:Dunmininu I know he has been unfair to you. This is the time to show him your worth as a female child.Prove to him that you are not a curse to the family
Dunmininu:Sir, this man chased me out of my mother's funeral. what was my mistake?  I wrote jamb without his consent.....I will never forgive him, have decided to move on and leave my past Mr.Akinola is in my past and I can't go back.
Mr.Jide:My dear, your anger is justified but calm down. for the sake of your late mum please take up the case.
Dunmininu:I will think about it

After much begging from Mr. Jide and Bola I decided to take the case. I also want to prove to him that I was never a curse and that I alone can solve his problem.
He was accused of killing big mummy's elder brother. It was a really serious case. Things has really changed in the entire family.
All evidence was pointing at him. I knew my father will never kill anyone even though he is a really wicked man.

I fought the case but we lost due to lack of enough evidence to present in court. Dad was given a life imprisonment senstance.
I knew there was more to this case than just murder. Big mummy and Juwon never came to visit dad in jail. That alone was confusing. Dad asked for my forgiveness, I forgave him because as it seems I'm his only family member. My step mum and siblings never showed up.
I asked dad what happened but he did not tell me the details.
Dad became nicer in jail. I was happy to have the love of my dad back and I also apologized for being stubborn back then.
Mr.Akinola:You don't need to apologise. if not for your stubbornness, you won't be able to achieve all this. I am proud of you. please forgive me
Dunmininu:Itz okay dad. I plan on reopening your case dad. I have started gathering evidence but you need to be sincere with me what exactly happened?
Dad narrated everything that has happened, I was shocked with all I heard I promised not to let the offenders go without getting punished.
I felt like a real curse because I lost my own father's case and have won lots of murder cases.
To reopen the case won't be easy but I promised never to give up since the status of limitation has not passed.

To be continued......

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