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Gbosa: Comedian,Ushebebe thinks Dj-Cuppy is a wack DJ, Calls out Otedola for not appreciating a Musician who Sang him praises - Otedola with the Money

Comedian Ushbebe has aired his opinion of his perception of the some members of the Otedola family.

According to the comedian,Temi Otedola a.k.a Dj Cuppy is a wack disc jockey, while her father,entrepreneur and philanthropist, Femi Otedola whose networth is far beyond $550million dollars is stingy.

The comedian came to this conclusion because of dj cuppy’s preference in her choice of foreign music which the comedian doesn’t enjoy.

Adding that her father is a stingy man as there were no reports of musician receiving cash gift from him despite recording a single, singing otedola’s praises.

Ushbebe made this revelation during his performance at his own show “Yadadi”.

Speaking In Pidgin, he said:
“that otedola daughter, e no sabi play nothing. If you go to cuppy party, na only oyinbo music you go dey hear. Otedola with the money, stupid money. Small pikin sing for you since last year. Nothing you give the boy. Me i can’t call any big man name dey sing. God forbid. He says.

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