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Audience don't understand what we go through: Social Media Influencer, Rhajikasco Gives Details on Challenges he faces as a PR Man in an interview with Tribune

THE social media is not just a place for people to meet but a platform for marketing too. In an interview with Tribune Online, Rhaji Kazeem (a.k.a Rhajikasco), a social media influencer who prefers being referred as “PR man” discussed his journey so far in the business of promoting brands and celebrities on social media platforms.

Did you study something related to PR? If no, what made you go into the business?
Well no, I didn’t study anything related to PR, I am studying Insurance, but what made me go into PR business was that I have a passion for it, right from my younger age. Even before the boom of the social media, I will sit close to the radio listening to commercial adverts. So during my high school days, I discovered we youths need the support of promotion and that most of the young ones are full of potentials they need to sell to the world but no platform for them to showcase. So I was focused to make it a dream to create a brand that will achieve this.

How long have you been in the business?
Close to 2 years right now.
How is the business so far?
To God be the glory, it has been great so far. You know that happiness you experience when you discover everything is fine. I am not where I anticipated to be, nevertheless, I am not where I used to be. Making names and mentions around social media, it is a feeling you can’t trade for anything.

What did you think is/are the major challenge(s) so far?
Audience is one because some of them do not understand what you are going through as a PR person. And another thing is that many people have changed towards me because I am always busy online.

How did you come about your nick, RhajiKasco?
(Smile) Well, my nickname is something I came across in a simple way. When you look at it closely, Rhaji is my surname and Kasco is from my name Kazeem.
Combining schooling and your business, how has it been? Did it affect your education in any way?
Yes a lot, because sometimes, I have to attend classes, do assignments and at the same time I also need to attend to some clients too, so it is really stressful but I’m cool.

In the next 5-7 years, where do you see yourself?
By God’s grace, in few years time, I want to be happily married, blessed with amazing kids and hope to have achieved more in my job, taking it across the globe. I will always like to open a foundation for the less privileged to help make their dreams come true.

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