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Finally out: Checkout the most Anticipated Poem titled THE VOW as written By Pen slayer, Danoxford [Read Here]

Back to his ways of Slaying With his pen, Oke Oladayo popularly known as Danoxford finally drops his most Anticipated Poem titled VOW, Enjoy!


Since have been imprisoned in your jail,
I have no other message to mail;
To other ladies traveling on rail.
`Cos without you I could become frail.
Forever will I bless that day,
That beautiful Wednesday
Which fate brought us together
And made our lives better.
Many are the birds on the sky,
But I've chosen to be your guy.
Many are the fishes in the sea,
But I want to be the only one that you'll see.
And even when it seems stormy,
And no one is ready to stand in gap as plumy.
Be sure I'll be by your right side,
And take you on a super ride
Away from the region of the raging sea,
To where nobody else could grasp or see.
I've poured out to you all my feelings now,
And to you it's tagged as my vow.

©Written by: Oke Oladayo

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