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Story Time: MEANT TO BE by Ajagbe Ayodeji [Episode 3 - 5]

Title: Meant To Be

Author: Ajagbe Ayodeji David (Timmy Turner)

Genre: Prose  (Fiction)

Episode: 3

Life in Unilorin has been a great one, I had met with a lot of peoples, peoples I know personally and the ones I chat with on WhatsApp. But the greatest persons I met was Eniola and Plato. Eniola had been my friend even before I dreamt of picking Unilorin in jamb. We were in the same writing group, I was the boss, she works with me and we were good friends at the same time. Fortunately for me, her hostel wasn't far from my new hostel (I had moved into my own apartment).

I'm not that kind of a social person, it usually takes a lot of time for me to associate with people but once I'm attracted to them, I'm attracted to them. Nothing can change it. Eniola was the only was the only friend I have. Then, I use to visit her often and I thought she was the perfect friend. We often have lectures together most times because she was in microbiology and I was in plant biology. Sometimes we eat together and do quite a lot of things together too. I found myself attracted to her though it seemed as if I have zero feelings for her.

The agape love I have for Eniola started growing everyday. I loved her to a fault! Plato happened to be a godfather to me, he gives me quick and on time information about what's happening in the school. Plato wasn't the only one working, he had some people who work with him and they formed a group called Team Plato. We were only chatting on WhatsApp then.

I had always wished to see Plato Face to Face, I just love that man! So one day while at Eniola's hostel, I had the courage to call him on phone. Fortunately for me, his number went through. I spoke with him and he described the location to his hostel. To my utmost surprise, his hostel was just six houses away from mine. I went over to his place, I had a nice time with him and premier. He's really fun to be with, he's an epitome of Knowledge. We discussed at length, we spoke about the situations of things, state of the nation and football. Maybe he thought I'm a football fan. I learnt a lot from Plato that evening. He also shared  some of his secrets to success with me. Premier is a cool guy too. After several minutes of endless discussions, my phone began to ring. I checked the caller, it was my girl friend Eniola. I picked the call "Hello", I said clearing my throat. " Ayodeji, where are you"? She questioned. "I'm at Plato's place" "okay, can you come over to my hostel now? Please" she said. "Okay, I'm coming" I said. I bade Plato and Premiere farewell and I promised to come over the next Saturday. I set off to Eniola's hostel; walking and sometimes breaking into a run. The guys smooching girls in one corner perhaps wondered what this promising school boy is all about cos they were looking at me.... I got to Eniola's hostel and she invited me in, I reluctantly agreed and followed her in. She had invited me in on several occasions which I had politely declined but because it was dark and the mosquitoes were not helping matters, so I had to follow her in. I met two ladies (if we can call them one) sitted on the bed. She sat down too and then invited me to sit beside her. I answered her and did as she has instructed. "Ayodeji, meet my friends Doyin and Funmi" she said while pointing her finger at them one after the other. "Funmi, Doyin, meet my friend, he's Ayodeji by name. "Good evening", I said lowering my head to exhibit a sign of respect. This time 'I was sweating like a ileya ram that is about to be killed' meet new people isn't my thing and I'm always ashamed when I'm around girls. I hate moments like this and I wished the ground will just open up and swallow me. Eniola didn't sound like she'll end the conversation soon, my shyness behavior wasn't helping matter too.

"So you're the one that always disturb Eniola bah"? Doyin yelled at me, I felt embarrassed and I wished the ground will open up and swallow me once again. I opened my mouth to talk, then Eniola held my hand and gave me a sign not to talk. " "Doyin", Eniola called. "You don't have to talk to him like that, and have I ever told you that Ayodeji is disturbing me"? "We're very good friends and we're made for each other" she turned to me. "Ayodeji, please, I'm sorry. Don't mind her, she's actually joking. She doesn't mean it". "It's okay" I replied. I stood up to shake Funmi's  hand. We then exchanged contacts. The three of them decided to see me off, they accompanied me to their hostel's gate before Doyin and Funmi left Eniola with me. Eniola and I continued the journey, I placed my hands on her waist and she placed her hand on my shoulder: we're cute like that! I could feel that all eye's were on us but we were not bothered. We spoke about poems and stories we've written, and the ones we we are still writing. We reached a T-Junction leading  hostel. I had to release her this time because the road could be too lone for her. We bade ourselves farewell and she gave me a light hug, I pecked her and we went our various ways. I stood at a spot and trace her with my eye till she got to her hostel. It was then that I left for my hostel.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, Names, Characters, Business, Places, Events, Locales and Incident are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictous manner. Any resemblance to actual persons Living or Dead or Actual Event is purely coincidental

Episode: 4

It was a cool Tuesday morning, I woke up to be the sound of the alarm snoring from my phone. I got up and snoozed the alarm,  I looked at the bed and saw my roommate still sleeping like palm oil. I woke him up. "So it's 6:00am already" he asked amidst his yawn "time really flies, especially at nights" he added. I walked up to my mini bookshelf and took my Bible, I read my devotional book and prayed silently: I put my ways before the lord for the week. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and then took my bath. I had to go to school early, my lectures would start by 8:00am and I don't like sitting at the back.  I dressed up and gathered my books and files that I would need. I picked my ATM card too. I passed the public primary school compound near my hostel. I got to the bus stop where I'll get a cab to convey me to  the schooling. I had seen few of my friends, they haven't prepared for school. I shook my head to pity when I saw them. I looked at the time, it was fifteen minutes past seven. "I'm late, mehn. Damn!" I said to myself as I entered a shuttle. I sat at the front seat, a lady soon joined me. We exchanged greetings and the car zoomed off. In no time, I found myself scanning her from head to toe. Her boobs were of moderate sizes, the type you could easily pack. I couldn't access her ass because she was sitting down but I promised to do so when we drop at the park. Poor me, I thought, instead of me memorizing the first thirty elements, I'm here admiring boobs. Shame on me.

I highlighted at the school park and headed for the lecture theatre straight. I didn't remember to complete my scan on the girl because I was running out of time. I wasn't prepared to wait or walk with anyone so I walked as fast as I could with my earpiece fixed firmly in my ears. I was out of this world. As I was walking, I felt a hand on my shoulder pulling me backwards, I looked back and found out it was favour. She was panting, breathing heavily as if a dog chased her. "Favour, what's up?" I said smiling at her. "I'm not fine" she replied smartly. "I've been calling you since you highlighted from the shuttle, you didn't answer me" she said sounding like a baby "I'm sorry" I replied "I didn't hear you and I was walking very fast so that I can get a seat at the front of the class" "see" I said removing my earpiece from my ears to prove that it wasn't intentional. "It's okay" she replied and we headed for the class together.

I haven't seen favour since the last incidence ensured. We exchanged contacts that same moment. We got to class and the lecturer came, did his thing, performed his magic and uttered some spells which sounded like an explanation to him bla bla bla and he left the class. After the class, I left for the eatery, (the one at motion ground) to get myself something to eat, I ordered for a meat pie and a coca cola drink. As I was devouring my refreshments, I sighted the three jolly friends outside. They were coming towards the eatery too. I waved  and called their names repeatedly. They came in, Eniola saw me and they came to where I was sitting. God so good, there were just three seats available around me. No vacancy for any external force. They sat down and we exchanged greetings. "Ayodeji" Eniola said (I loved the way she called my name, It is only my mom that calls me by my full name. Others shorten my name to either Ayo or Deji). "Today is February thirteenth and tomorrow is February fourteenth" she paused for a while. "Is tomorrow your birthday?" I asked anxiously. "Noooo, tomorrow is Valentine, love's day and I'm your val. So you're taking me out tomorrow" she said authoritatively. I opened my bag and bring my diary out to check the appointments for February fourteenth, I read it aloud and clear and I made it point blank. "I'll finish lecture by 6:00pm in the evening and I'll be exhausted by the time when I get back to my hostel "I'll be quite tired". She wasn't interested in any of my excuses. We agreed to go to item7 to celebrate the love day.

We finished our refreshments, I went out settle the bill of four. "Eniola, are you going home now?" I asked. "Yes, I am, what about you?" She asked too. "I'm going too". I said nodding my head in affirmation like a lizard.

We walked together towards the park with our hands clasped in each other. We spoke and laugh at intervals; we had totally forgotten that Doyin and Funmi were behind us. "Bros, now you're taking our friend away from us" Doyin said from a distance behind us". I didn't bother to give her a reply, I just ignored and moved on with my friend. "Don't mind her dear" Eniola gently whispered.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, Names, Characters, Business, Places, Events, Locales and Incident are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictous manner. Any resemblance to actual persons Living or Dead or Actual Event is purely coincidental

Episode: 5

Tis the season of love
Fa la la la la la la la la. I like to sing whenever I'm taking my bath in the morning, I'm a very good singer at that time. I've even thought about featuring Justin Bieber in one of my early morning songs. I don't have to rush to school. I don't have much to do at school, just two lectures; one in the morning, the other in the evening. I wasn't in the mood to dress like a sango worshipper just in the name of Valentine so I decided to wear a white shirt and a blue trouser instead of the popular and usual white and red Valentine dress. It really looked good on me. I headed to school,  I bought a rose flower for my val and then presented it to her. I can say; she loved it by saying awwwwwn with her beautiful and angelic voice. It sounded so romantic. "Thanks dear" she hugged me passionately, that if anybody were to be passing at that moment, they would think that we're in a relationship. I could feel her boobs on my chest, it is still firm and well packed. If we were in a maths class, I'd have calculated the value of X in our hugging.

Doyin came to separate us. "Haba, Eniola, leave am nah, e don do." Doyin said "Is it your hug ni, abi is it paining you ni?" Eniola replied jokingly. "Mtcheeeeew" she hissed and left angrily. I could read jealousy all written all over her. I also felt that something's wrong too. I think Doyin didn't like me but who cares? All I care about is my dear friend, Eniola. I left them and then headed to my class. "Don't forget this evening oh"  Eniola shouted. I smiled to myself and kept on moving.

The class ended so quick and the academic day seemed a deal. I went to the bank area to withdraw some cash that I will use for the evening outing with Eniola. I went back to my hostel. The time is ten minutes past seven, I had a quick shower and changed my clothes; I wore a blue T-shirt and a three quarter jean with my sandal. I combed my hair and combined some fragrance. I look good like that.

I headed for purple hostel to pick my Val partner I got there, she was more than prepared: she wore a mini red grown with a blue slippers. she packed her hair in a style that looks like an umbrella. She wore her recommended glasses and she looked really awesome. Everything were well packed; both the front and back, they were in moderate size, not to big, not too small; just the perfect one for her size, "omo Olorun don't stay too long oh", Doyin shouted from there room "Na u sabi" Eniola replied and smiled.

We set out on our way to item7 to celebrate Valentine. When we got there, we met some other lovers there too.
I like the light, it was the one they normally use for disco, Tiwa savage's ALL OVER was currently beinhy played on the deck; the speakers where not too loud and not too low. The setting was perfect. I ordered for two plates of food and I brought a valeta wine, we sat down at the table and enjoyed our meal. "Ayodeji, thank you" Eniola said ,"you are one of a kind, you're a friend indeed and I pray that my Almighty God reciprocate your kind gesture" "Amen" I said. We finished our meal and I settled the bill. It is getting dark already although people were still  on the street but i hate staying late outside. We stood up and get Ready leave. I held Eniola close to me and swung my arms around her waist. "Awwwn,what a nice couple", A girl said. Eniola giggled and I smiled.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, Names, Characters, Business, Places, Events, Locales and Incident are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictous manner. Any resemblance to actual persons Living or Dead or Actual Event is purely coincidental

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