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Story Time: MEANT TO BE By Ajagbe Ayodeji [Episode 6 - 8]

Author: Ajagbe Ayodeji David (Timmy Turner)

Genre: Prose  (Fiction)

Episode: 6

Good things always come to a halt, that's why in episode 1 I said "a time to hug and a time to refrain" . There's a time you find friends and there's a time to separate. Separation will knock one day. That's certain

Less than two weeks after Valentine, I observed that Eniola's attitude was changing towards me. She behaves differently from the usual Eniola I use to know. I don't have any value in front of Eniola again. I'm now the valueless, useless, idiotic Ayo.

Each time I visit Eniola, she no longer invite me in, sometimes, I stay downstairs, while she stays upstairs and speak with me. Many times I'd go there to meet my dear Eniola, Doyin will attend to me and tell me that she's not around. This continued for about 2 weeks until one rainy evening, the was was drizzling, still I went there not minding the rain. On getting there, I decided not to knock. I observed the situation for about five minutes, I could hear the three of them gisting and laughing. I knocked suddenly there was silent, Doyin came out again "what" she said stone faced like she had just fired a bazooka "erm, please I want to see Eniola" I said shivering. I had been beaten by the rain. "Eniola is not around ahn ahn what's your problem nah" she yelled at me "you're not welcome here again" she said as she pushed me against the the pillar in front of their room.

I hit my mouth against the pillar, blood started gushing out of my mouth, I was hurt, I managed to get water to rinse my mouth from their hostel's gateman. I took a rag to clean where the blood has dropped. I thank the gateman and left Purble hostel that evening, not giving up on Eniola.

I decided to challenge her one day while in school to know what the problem is. I approached her, her reaction was cold towards me. I pressed her and she insisted that nothing happened. I asked for forgiveness. Nevertheless, I asked for forgiveness though I haven't wronged her in any way. We reconciled that moment and I went back to my hostel after class with the feeling that my friend will be mine again.

Days after, I observed that she hadn't changed and she's always cold whenever we chat on WhatsApp or on a call. So I took another step of faith to reconcile once and for all. We should settle any dispute between us. I decided to visit her, I thought I'd meet the cold Eniola but reverse was the case. The Eniola I met was more than hot.

I knocked at the door "who's there?" A voice inquired from inside. "It's me, Ayodeji" I replied calmly. "Mtcheeeeew" someone hissed from the other end. I was surprised, I don't know who hissed because the three jolly friends were together.

Eniola came to meet me outside in an assumption of 15 minutes after I knocked. Before I greet her, she had started lambasting me.
"Ayo, good evening" she said giving a harsh look "I don't like what you're doing, you're constituting nuisance to me and my friends, can't you call me before you come? Do you think you can just come here anyhow you want? I need some privacy please" she yelled at me

"Eniola, what have I done to deserve all this" I asked still feeling puzzled
"every time you talk to me, you talk to me like I'm your baby sister and I'm not going to succumb to all this nonsense" Eniola said
She continued "and to finalise it, you have to call me anytime you want to come here, so that I'll tell you when to come or not" she continued
"You're my very good friend and I won't want situation whereby your presence will begin to irritate me. "Good night" she finalized her speech and went back to her room shutting the door at me.

Tears started dropping from my eyes like a baby, it was then I understand what Jesus went through in John11:35 that made him cry. I could hear their voices inside saying "Oshey oh baby"  the other replied "osha pran pran". I wept uncontrollably and I left purble hostel for good that evening. I prayed to God with the tears still in my eyes " Oh lord, please let this be the last time I'll enter this hostel even if we reconcile I won't enter this place again".

I left the hostel, I went straight to my friend's hostel not far from purble hostel. My friends over there were naughty and they do all sort of bad things I can't even bring myself to tell you. Though they were my secondary school friends, I chose to dissociate myself from them because evil manners corrupts good manners or whatever they call it. Besides I can't be a rose among thorns that's why I chose to be with the roses (Eniola & co) than the thorns (my secondary school friends).

I don't fancy mingling with them. That night when I got there, I met them playing Truth or Dare game. Out of annoyance and my frustrated emotional life, I joined them. I was dared to kiss a girl which I did passionately, I almost bite off her lips, I was also dared to sleep on the bed while a girl ( ex senior prefect girl) ride me. She was perfect with it. She grind so hard and professional. I wondered who taught her.

The last dare was very hard, I was told to smoke a cigarette till it burns out. I haven't smoked before in my life, when I remembered what Eniola did, I smoked it. My friends were very happy that I finally joined them that night after much persuasions and they hoped for more of it.

After that night, I told my roommate, George about it and he advised that I should get back to my right senses. "What if Eniola happened to be your girlfriend, what will you do when she break up with you?" "Will you kill yourself?" George inquired. "It is better you move on Ayo" he said. I reasoned with what he said and I decided to move on with my life.

The next day was a Monday, I had to rush to school early in the morning because the lecture I had was a three unit course. I have to sit at the front. The lecturer came in and gave lectures and when lecture was over, he left the class. I tool my bag strapped it on my shoulders.

I was on my way to the school library to study when I heard a tiny voice screaming my name. I looked back and found out that it was favour. We exchanged greetings and she started a conversation "erm, Ayo, do you understand the mat115 topic that lecturer came to teach us today?" "Yes" I replied. "Please can you explain it to me, and also teach me some other topics in mat115 too?" "Okay no problem" I replied.

I'm not a maths guru, not even close to one but I don't want to disgrace myself so I said yes. So I've finally disgraced my ancestors when she brought up the lesson matter. We fixed a convenient date to start the lesson and we agreed to use her hostel.

*Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, Names, Characters, Business, Places, Events, Locales and Incident are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictous manner. Any resemblance to actual persons Living or Dead or Actual Event is purely coincidental*

Episode 8

I got back to my hostel that evening, the rain fell again while I was on the way to my hostel. I was wet from head to toe. My books were wet too, and the #1000 note on me was wet too. I entered the gate that leads to my own room,  I put off my shoes at the doorstep of my room.  I went inside to remove the wet clothes on me and spread it outside the building. I took the #1000 note and placed it on the window so that it'll be freed of water.  After some minutes, i came back to check if the note is dry,  suddenly I saw a wall gecko walking majestically like a komodo dragon towards the #1000 note.  I quickly took my money away to avoid stories that touch.  I've been scared of animals since the day a snake swallowed 36 million and a monkey carted away with 70 million.  I don't trust any of those animals again.

I sat on my bed meditating thinking about Grace whom I had fallen in love with.  It was indeed a love at first sight.  I've been thinking about how to propose her since the time I set my eyes on her but I had no idea how to go about it.  I hadn't asked a girl out before in my life except for Bukky, Tumininu, Fiyin,  Fathia and Ermmm that's all. I'm in the University I felt that I needed a girl in my life and I resolved that Grace would make a perfect girlfriend because she has all the qualities I wanted.  As I was thinking about my newly found crush ,  I saw my phone beeping. I checked the caller,  it was Favour.
"Hey Favs" I said weakly
"Are you at home" she asked.
"Ermmm,  yeah.  Hope no problem" I asked worried
"No,  no problem at all.  I just want to ask if you can come over to my place this evening" she said
"Yes I can come,  but that'd be later in the night because I'm seriously hungry. I need to get something to eat first" I said sounding pathetic.
"Don't worry,  I cooked rice and fried stew with fish.  So you can come now" she said and hung up the phone.

I was very happy,  my inner man caught fire straight away.  I didn't know where the happiness came from,  I was jumping up and down the room.  "Shey bet9ja don pay u ni" George asked puzzled. "No oh,  na my dog give birth" I lied. "But wait oh" I said to myself "is Favour taking me to be a FFO" "or does she think i don't have money to feed myself" I thought.

I was so happy for the food episode. I was very hungry,  I didn't waste my time at dressing up and getting set for Favour's hostel. I don't have smaller denomination notes to give for transport because most of the NURTW don't always have change. So I had to trek to Favour's hostel.

I was exhausted by the time i got there, I was only looking miserable at the face that  a cyclist mistakenly splashed water on me earlier though it wasn't intentional.  I didn't worry much about it, my mind was on the prize (the food).

"Hey Favs" I said while we exchanged a hug "are you waiting for someone else" I asked perplexed "No,  I was waiting for you, I do not want the security man to harass you, that's why I came to wait for you at the gate". "Oh,  okay,  no qualms" I said "oya, let's go inside jare" she pulled me by the hand and dragged me inside.

We went in and she switched on the light.  She left me in the room and went to the kitchen.  It was this time I saw her very well,  there were a lot of things I  didn't notice in her.  "she's damn sexy" I thought.  She wore a short, green bump short which revealed the sensitive parts of her thighs and a 'show me your back' top,  she has braided her hair this time. Her dark colour made her look more beautiful.....

Episode 7

On a Saturday evening,  around 4:00pm, I went to Favour's hostel. I took my mat115 textbook and notebook with me. I got to her hostel she was fully prepared for the lesson. She own a nice room painted with creamy and pink.  She has a fan and some nice pairs of shoes.  It is very easy to guess that Favour was from a well to do family because it reflected on her from head to toe.

We started the lesson and it was simpler than I thought.  The lesson was so easy for me because she knew next to nothing. Favour is a very cool girl and she is willing to learn.  After we're done with the lesson,  favour went into the kitchen and brought out a plate of noodles. She placed two spoons on it. She sat on the bed,  very close to me this time and she invited me to partake in the meal which I reluctantly did after much persuasion from favour.

Truth to be told,  I was very hungry, I could finish the whole plate of noodles in one sitting.  I had to exhibit the behavior of a true gentleman,  I ate slowly like a snail. After we finish devouring the whole plate of noodles,  I went outside to ease myself.  Before I came back to the room,  she already cleared the plates,  she's now lying on her big mattress watching a movie on her mobile phone.  I joined her and watched the movie with her for sometime before I discovered that the movie has a strong adult content.

I could recognize the lead actress it was Mia Khalifa, and there's no way you can take your eyes away from a Mia Khalifa film.😁 After watching the movie for about 10 minutes, my d**k got erected so I  had to take my leave so that something funny will not ensued, I'm already sexually aroused and I'm not ready to be a father yet, and I want to avoid those kind of stories that touch. 

I bade her farewell, she saw me off, I didn't say anything to her, she didn't say anything to me too.  She eventually broke the silence and then called me by my name 'Ayodeji' she said with her tiny voice and then held me by my wrist.  I was shocked but I didn't show it. She saw me off and waited till I got a bike which took me back to my hostel.


It is a new working day,  the sun was peeping behind the clouds, the sky was partially cloudy,  it looked like it was going to rain. I didn't mind the weather, I went to school to receive the lectures I had for that day.  After the lecturer left the class,  it started raining so heavily that the waters outside could easily drown Noah's ark.  I always love weathers like this during school period because it automatically means free period for us,  no lecturer will want to be wet with rain water.
I brought out my infinix hot 4 model  phone and my Sony headset  from my leather HP bag. I began listening to Justin Bieber's song.
The rain didn't stop,  it continued raining heavily,  some students are cuddling themselves,  I could see Mozark,  Ayokanmi and Hamza doing the same too.  They are my friends,  we did the remedial programme together.  I felt cold too,  probably in the mood. I wished my friend Eniola never left me, I'm sure I'll get some warmth from her if she's still with me. I still want her but she has a new boy-friend.  I saw them along the walkway some days ago holding hands together and I pretended as if I didn't see them.  My heart was broken.

Perhaps fortunately,  I saw Favour coming towards me with a girl.  I haven't seen her before in class or our department. "New fish" I said to myself.
They came nearer 'Sup Ayo' Favour said giving me a light slap on the cheek  'I'm cool jare' I said shaking her hands. I faced the other girl and greeted her too 'good morning miss' I said lowering my head. 

'Ayodeji, meet my friend Grace' she said pointing to the girl I referred to as New Fish. I shook her hand,  it was very soft like Tanke's supreme butter bread. I wish we can be holding ourselves till forever. 'Grace,  meet my bestie, his name is Ayo' Favour said patting Grace on the shoulder.  She continued 'he's the guy I told you about.  He has been helping me with Mat115. He's a whizkid'  I giggled "don't mind her oh" I offered them the available seat near me and they sat down.

"Erm, which department are you Grace" I asked facing Grace.  "Plant Biology" she replied.  Her voice was like the heavens are singing, she has an angelic voice. I looked at her,  I haven't taken a full look at her face since she arrived with Favour. She neatly packed her hairs like Eniola's own which made me remember Eniola for the second time that morning. She (Grace)  had no make up on her face but she's beautiful. Her b00bs were normal but she has a huge backside. If I'm to be a zoologist,  I'd create a phylum for ladies like that.  I had seen quite a lot of girls like that in my department.  People like Ear-sther, 1995 etc would be in that phylum.

I glanced at  her again,  I feel like I should have her that moment.  "Oh lord,  an Angel has dropped down from heaven; don't worry,  she's safe with me" I said to myself.  "You said you're in plant biology bah?" I asked again looking at Grace straight in the eye. "Yes" she replied calmly again.
"Okay,  that's nice,  we have quite a lot of scholars in plb, people like Flamaj, Gabriel gifted,  Hamza,  Oluwatobi,  Qwin Heirstar etc" I was saying all that to keep the conversation going with her.
It was after I  finish blabbing that I remembered that I'm in plb also with Favour too.
"Wow,  that's awesome" I decorated. The three of us are in the same department.

We shared gifts and talked about our experiences in hostels and in school. The rain ended around 2:00pm in the afternoon. It had destabilized the day's activity. No lecturer will want to step on wet and muddy ground. Since there's nothing else to do for that day,  we bade each other farewell and went to our various hostels.

Episode 8 (cont'd)

She came back from the kitchen with two plates of rice spiced with red pepper sauce. She placed them on the center table at the middle of the room.  Then she came to sit on the bed close to me. We sat on the bed for about 5 minutes without saying a word to each other.  Small doctor's ye ma sun,  gba ko je  was ringing in my ear.  I  was so hungry, I can't wait to devour the rice so I broke the silence. 
"so Favour,  why do you call me to come over to your hostel" ? I asked "because I want to see you nah, I've missed you" she said throwing her hands to the air "abi you don't miss me ni" she added "you miss me" I asked perplexed "but we parted few minutes ago now,  how come you are missing me" I said.  She looked at me somehow like I've said something bad.  She changed her sitting position and laid on the bed with her face up.

I copied her,  and laid on the bed in the exact way she did.  I could feel her hands on me. She's caressing my chest and abs.  I was shocked and I wondered what was happening, before i knew it I found my hands on thighs and b00bs too. They were soft "feels good" I said to myself.  I sat up on the bed and climbed on Favour and slept on her.  We kissed passionately,  I robbed my hands on her ass and sometimes,  she moans.  My d**k sprang up that it almost tore my trouser at the region where it was located. 

I wasn't bothered,  we continued the romance, until she claimed to have reached orgasm. It was after we finished we finished with our romance that it dawned on me that what we just did wasn't t right. I hated myself that moment and i wished I can reverse the time so that I can skip that scene. We ate the food silently without saying anything to each other.  She noticed that I wasn't happy and that I have a sour expression on my face so she broke silence. "Ayodeji,  I'm sorry for what happened the other time.  I did it for love" she said "for love?" I asked surprised "what's that suppose to mean" I asked again. She started with tears in her eyes "the first time I met you" she sniffed "I fell in love with you. I haven't felt like this before especially on a guy.  I want us to be together,  I want us to be lovers,  I want to have you as my boyfriend and fiancee.  I give all to you" she burst into tears. 

That moment was such an emotional moment,  I didn't know when I started crying too.  I drew her closer to me and hugged her passionately.  We became lovers at that moment. I loved her,  and she loved me too.

I went back to my hostel and since that day,  I and Favour were so fond of each other.  We began to know each other more and more and our love grew.

D. I. S. C. L. A. I. M. E. R

Final Episode Drops Tomorrow

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