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[Story Time] MEANT TO BE by Ajagbe Ayodeji David(Timmy Turner)

Title: Meant To Be

Author: Ajagbe Ayodeji David (Timmy Turner)

Genre: Prose  (Fiction)

Episode: 1

It was the best of times
It was the worst of times
It was the age of wisdom
It was the age of foolishness
It was a season of hope
It was a season of despair
It was a time to hug
It was a time to refrain
We have nothing before us
We have nothing after us.

It was the year of our lord 2017 A.D when education in my country was a very hard thing to get. As I use to say to myself, the best times of one's life can't be bough with money rather, it can be measured by the quality times you've spent with your friends while doing great things together.

Before I proceed, let me quickly introduced myself. My name is Ayodeji. Most people know me as Timmy Turner. Are you thinking about the name? Perhaps you're right with the answer you get within yourself. It is no other Timmy Turner, the one in Fairly Odd Parents, only kids who watch Nickelodeon will understand. Timmy Turner is actually an Animative figure and I got the name while I was still attending jamb lesson back in the days.

On this fateful day, our teacher refused to come to class and as a Nigerian student, we chose not to be spiritless. We arranged our tables round and we started playing a game tagged 'Name Name Name'. I'm already at the verge of losing at the game, my game profile was at T I M E T O G O..... My friends know that I don't watch football so they used it against me. Na so I wise up too; I also gave them a difficult task: I know they don't watch cartoon so I told them to mention names of Animative figures used in cartoons. I, in addition told them to mention three each. Those were awesome-childish moments. I really love 'em. Now that I'm now in the university, a lot of things has changed, I no longer behave childishly, I'm now more of a grown up man.

*Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, Names, Characters, Business, Places, Events, Locales and Incident are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictous manner. Any resemblance to actual persons Living or Dead or Actual Event is purely coincidental*

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