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GhenGhen: Nina’s brother replies her critics, calls out Okorocha for discriminating against her

It appears Nina’s brother is angry at Nigerians that are criticizing his sister over her sexcapades in the BBNaija house.

The aggrieved brother also called out Imo State Governor. Rochas Okorocha for discriminating against Nina whom he promised to honour alongside Miracle

According to the infuriated young man, he is shocked at the high level of double standards exhibited especially by the females in the society as he added that it was an action carried out by both Nina and Miracle, not only his sister

He was sure to note that people have sex every day and as such, his sister should not be shamed for being human.

He also appealed for Imo State indegenes to look into the discrimination of the Governor who failed to honour Nina but appointed Miracle, an education ambassador of the state.

He mentioned that despite the fact that they are both indigenes of the state and represented the state well in the show, Nina has been absolutely left out because she is a girl-child

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