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Oja ti burst: So Bobrisky Lied About His Introduction, His ‘Bae’ Is A Stolen Picture Of A US Senator [Full Gist]

We think he was jealous that the attention was shifted from him to the Royal Wedding and decided to pull a stunt and got busted

You thought we were not going to find out Bobrisky ?  Well, we did!
It all started when Social Media went awash with photos and videos of the Royal Wedding and Bobrisky obviously got jealous that the attention had shifted from him, thus, he decided to announce that he was having his introduction ceremony with his unnamed ‘bae’.

He got everyone wondering as he kept teasing everyone with photos of him in the bridal ‘Iro and Buba’

At first, everyone thought. could it be true, who is the ‘lucky’ man who will be getting married to Bobo? Where is his introduction taking place? Who will be the ‘future family’ of the male Barbie doll?

After much speculation, it turned out that Bobrisky was actually out in WaterCress Hotel, Ikeja having a make-up/ Jewellery photoshoot.

That’s not all, just when we thought we were done with Bobrisky, it turned out that his fake bae’s picture was a stolen photo of US Senator, Eddie Melton from Indiana.

And that was how Bobrisky got busted on a Monday morning!

Try harder next time Bob.

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