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Story Time: MEANT TO BE By Ajagbe Ayodeji [Episode 11]

Title: Meant To Be

Author: Ajagbe Ayodeji (Timmy Turner)

Episode: 11

I don't really like the polygamy idea.  It freaks me out, but I love the idea of having more than one girlfriend at least,  it doesn't stop you from having a side chick even if you have a girlfriend. You don't need to have thirty billion in the account before you do that. It only requires your brain,  your devotion and some assurance to both of them.  If you still have problem doing that,  you can hire a  Like me.

I've successfully kept my two girlfriends apart for months now without them knowing.  You don't have to tell me before I know that I was a bad boy then.  Dating two friends together without them knowing.  I deserved some accolades mehn! But to be sincere, I loved both of them.  I love Grace the same way I love Favour and I give them the attention they needed.
Within me,  I felt that the life of a player is good but my conscience kept disturbing me
What if I'm caught one day?
What will happen?
Does it mean that I'll lose both Favour and Grace? 
Will I start afresh again?

These were the questions I asked myself.  I couldn't provide answers.  No one could answer it too! Each time I ponder about these rhetorical questions I silently pray to God not to allow the sun shine that day.

It was a hot Tuesday afternoon,  Favour had gone to class and I was still in my hostel. I didn't feel like going for lectures that day so I decided to relax in my room.  Grace had called me earlier that she's coming over.  I had prepared for her visit.  Few minutes later, Grace came in. She hugged me and she kissed passionately before we finally exchanged pleasantries.

I was in the mood already and I couldn't wait any longer.  I undressed her down to  her pants.  Grace is so endowed and I couldn't wait to  have her body in my bed.  I can't wait to get down there so that I'll feel all of it.

I grabbed her pants and tried pulling it down (like a gentleman though)  but she held my  hand.
'Wait Ayo, I haven't  done this before' she said looking at me - deep in the eye.
I noticed that her eyes were a bit watery.
'You haven't done what before?' I asked with my jaws dropped down.
'I am still a virgin' she said as I  collapsed on the chair.  It surprises.
'Are you sure?' I asked still surprised.
'Yes,  but I love you  and I'm willing to do it for you' she said and dropped her head on my chest while she sat on  my laps.
'No,  not today' I said and I helped her to dress up.  We cuddled each other till we zoomed off together to dreamland

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, Names, Characters, Business, Places, Events, Locales and Incident are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictous manner. Any resemblance to actual persons Living or Dead or Actual Event is purely coincidental

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