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Yeepa: I see no big deal in having my body & boobs touched in a movie – Popular Busty Nollywood Actress drops a Grenade

In an encounter with TheNewsGuru, actress Abimbola Ayeni revealed she has no limits when it comes to playing romantic roles. Bimbo who broke into the industry through her movie Dabira also spoke on ambitions of becoming a movie director.

“I will love to be a director because I am already an actress and filmmaker. For example, you see a character receiving a phone call and the phone he uses in receiving the call is blank. It’s absurd”, she said.

Abimbola Aiyeni believes in going the extra-mile in the interpretation of a role, she sees nothing wrong in her b**bs being touched in a movie, as long as it’s make-believe.

“One does not have to be stereotyped. It is acting. It’s just to touch boobs, people are behind the cameras. If one can kiss deep in movies, I don’t see touching of b**bs as a big deal.Yes, I can allow my b**bs to be touched in a movie.”

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