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Oja Ti burst: Sex chat between married Covenant University registrar and a female student leaks

Scandal looms for a married Covenant University registrar, Dr. Olumuyiwa A. Oludayo over an alleged incriminating chat between himself and a female student which has been leaked.

In what appears to be a case of student victimization, the now viral leaked chat is the reason why the school trends currently on social media over.

@PrimeKaka_ who shared the chat between the married Covenant University registrar and the female student, wrote;

It appears the Registrar has stepped on some toes of some students who would stop at nothing to expose some preposterous acts which has been known only to staff and students of the school.

The recent exposure of the registrar came as a result of a recent case where a student of Covenant Univeristy, Ota, who was framed up and expelled after spending 5 years in school, won his court case against the institution.

The student identified as Adooh Emmanuel took the institution to court and won, well, he didn’t stop at that as he went on to expose a lot of things about the university.

In a Twitter thread which has now been taken down, the vindicated student revealed that he was expelled after he was done writing his final exams and his project. That’s after spending 5 years in the institution.

Here are reactions on Twitter to the court case;

@bhadoosky wrote;

Adooh Emmanuel’s case vs Covenant University is another reason why rushing to call people names without facts/evidence should end with you. Imagine all the people who wrongly judged him. I’m glad he got justice. And to Mr Registrar & the school management, You should be ashamed.

@Ojay_B wrote;

Also @MuyiwaOludayo has to be the most dishonest person in the history of covenant university.

You sir are a cancer to that institution.

An accomplished cheat and manipulator

@TosinOlugbenga wrote;

Covenant University graduates are exposing the atrocities of their lecturers and members of non academic staff on the TL.

You see the deep shits about Nigeria is either in a religious settings or not, we aren’t in anyway better.

You go to public uni, na hell, same with private

@Rx_Deyholar wrote;

Reading that guy’s story. It feels so real!!!

Maybe I should tell the story of how I got suspended too.

It doesn’t matter now that I’ve risen above it but Covenant University threw me into the lowest point of my life for something that wasn’t my fault.

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