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Soft work: How Nicki Minaj’s business is booming after fight with Cardi B

Nicki Minaj is currently profiting from an incident that was designed to bring her shame. Recall that she last week had an altercation with Cardi B at the New York Fashion Week which both stars attended.

Cardi was seen shouting loud after throwing her shoe in the direction of someone thought to be Nicki Minaj. Shortly after, Cardi was seen leaving the venue with a lump on her face.

Speaking about the incident, Cardi B who just welcomed a baby said she reacted that way because Nicki Minaj was saying bad things about her daughter behind her back.

However the incident which was suppose to bring Nicki down has done quite the opposite.

Her business empire has gotten even bigger and her radio show, Queen Radio, shot to number 1 following the incident.

According to TMZ, sources connected to NickI said she is ecstatic Cardi B went nuclear on her at the event.

Part of the effect the incident had include her new music video ”Barbie Dreams” getting over 5 Million views in one day of release. Her podcast, Queen Radio, was a major trend on Twitter on Monday and the show has been at number 1 on Apple Music. Also, her listeners quadrupled after the fight.


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