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Yeeparipa: See the Jaw dropping Reason why this Man tries to cover himself with 20,000 bees (Photos)

A Saudi Arabian man has made his second attempt to making it into the
Guinness Book of Records by trying to cover his whole body with 20,000 bees.

Zuhair Fatani , who is a bee-care specialist and has spent more than 30 years as a beekeeper, made his second attempt yesterday to out-bee the current record-holder Ruan Liangming , of China.

Liangming holds the record for maintaining the heaviest mantle of bees, which 'weighed a daunting 63.7kg (140 lb 6.95 oz), including a terrifying 60 queens,' according to Guinness World Records.

Mail Online reported that Fatani who tried to break the same record last year and failed, placed queen bees on to his face, encouraging up to 20,000 male bees to crawl over him.

But during the actual attempt itself, one of the queens flew away, meaning a large number of the male bees refused to land on him.

See full photos below.

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