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Oh my Lordi: Floyd Mayweather's newest girlfriend is so hot, just a stare would make you end up licking your lips [Photos]

Floyd Mayweather has been touring the globe but he isn't doing it alone.
The former professional boxer has not made it known that he has a new woman in his life but several hints left on social media has given him away.

Mayweather has been sharing photos of himself globe-trotting with every of his location visible on each photo. With time, eagle-eyed Instagram users noticed that whereever Floyd is at each time, a woman named Tiffany Rai is always seen there, at the same location.

Floyd and Tiffany were both in Mykonos, Greece at the same time. They were also both in Santorini at the same time and also in Dubai.
Below are receipts showing that they've been travelling together for a while now.

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