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Oja Ti Burst: Trouble in Davido ’s DMW Camp as Members Call Out Each Other, Fight For Supremacy

There is a clear rift in Davido’ s DMW camp as his crew members Don Obama and Special Spesh call out each other on social media.

Davido’ s hypeman , Special Spesh and his ‘ Road manager ’ , Don Obama are the two main members having problems with themselves and the issue leading to this is yet to be known but looks like a battle of supremacy .

The duo took to popular social network, Snapchat to throw shades , as they both sent deadly messages to each other.

It started from Don Obama ’ s storyline and Special Spesh replied.
We wonder on whose side Davido will fall to. Let sit and watch how it goes .

Don Obama started off, writing:
“F*** you and your generation. Fat pig. I rather die. The game is on.”

Specialspesh then responded:
“Power is different from power!!!! Little Rat!!!”

See screenshots below.

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