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Record Smasher: Davido's 2017 Hit Song ‘Fall ’ Beats Lil Wayne's 'UPROAR' as it Tops New York City Chart [Details]

Popstar Davido is super excited as his 2017 hit single, ‘ Fall‘ makes it to the number one spot on Shazam ’s New York City Top tracks .

‘Fall ’ topped other songs by highly - rated US artists like Lil Wayne and Travis Scott on the New York City Top Tracks list.

“ We got the most Shazam song in New York !!! ITS LIT!! 🌍 🌍 My old records Just breaking imagine what the new ones will do !”. The excited popstar declared.

Music tech company Shazam shared a chart of the top 50 songs ‘ Shazamed’ in New York and Davido’ s tracks ‘ Fall’ and ‘If ’ were amongst .

‘Fall ’ came at the number one spot ahead of Lil Wayne ’ s hit track ‘Uproar ’ , while ‘ If ’ was number 25 on the chart .

Shazam is popularly used by millions of music lovers world- wide , to identify a song that is playing at each moment

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