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Revealed: See What Ronaldo would love to do in Man United vs Juventus game Tonight

Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho has revealed what he feels Ronaldo would love to do against his side when they face Juventus tonight.

Manchester United will be slugging it out with Juventus in a UEFA champions League encounter.

According to Mourinho, Ronaldo would love to score against United which he once played for.

Recall that he scored against the club when his former team Real Madrid locked horns with United in a UCL knockout stage with Mourinho as his manager then.

Speaking about what his fellow Portuguese feels about tonight’s encounter, Mourinho said, “He [Ronaldo] came back with me in Real Madrid. It was a knockout match and I know how much he loves Manchester United. I know that, but I also know how much he wanted to win here and score against Manchester United and win against Manchester United.” 

“Ronaldo scored, and they won. So, [on Tuesday], more of the same. The fans will show the respect he deserves. He will show that to the fans too. I know that he really loves the club but when the ball starts rolling, he wants to score, and he wants to win.”

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