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Unleashed: Watch The Best Of "Baba Sala" [Video]

Veteran comic act Moses Olaiya Adejumo, popularly known as “Baba Sala ” who passed away on Sunday in Ilesa, Osun state is certainly a trailblazer in the Yoruba comedy genre .

Baba Sala has featured in several Yoruba movies and while seeing his movies, one would certainly understand where contemporary Yoruba comic actors such as Baba Suwe , Mr Latin and others got their skills from.

Since the announcement of his death , there have been lots of reactions from Nigerians about the legendary Baba Sala
Below are some of the reactions :

Gbó̩láhàn Gbàdàmó̩sí
Among Yoruba people on twitter, Mo Adejumo - Baba Sala should be trend today!
We celebrated far less artist & here’s ace comedian. Let’s be proud of our own as he was a giant of his time.
Let the #BabaSalaRIP trend.
10:12 AM - Oct 8, 2018 · Hounslow, London
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Dami Ajayi
And we must remember how Baba S was also a musician, the one who mentored King Sunny Ade and taught to strum guitar @iwalesino
11:43 AM - Oct 8, 2018
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We pay tribute to Moses Olaiya (aka: Baba Sala), who died on Sunday 7 October, 2018 to whom Wole Soyinka dedicated the book ALAPATA APATA We celebrate his life and career.
3:33 PM - Oct 8, 2018
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