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Yeepa: 17-year old girl drags the heck out of Davido after he called her 'ugly, fat and broke' (Screenshots)

Abisade, a 17 - year -old girl has revealed an Instagram conversation of
Davido bullying and calling her “Fat , Broke and Ugly” .

Abisade revealed this issue erupted from when she replied Davido’ s comment on one of Cardi B ‘ s Instagram posts.

According to Abisade , it started when
Cardi B had posted the video of a girl rapping and Davido commented with a fire emoji to which she replied saying :

“ That is what you get when you write your own songs ”

With no doubt this definitely angered the singer which prompted him to slid straight into her DM .

The teenage girl then made a screenshot of her chat with Davido and posted on her timeline with the caption:

“ Just to show y ’ all what your favorite say to a young teenager like me you can decide to believe or not but I don ’ t have all that time . I am broke so #davidopaytuiton period # signmeupforgym # iamconfident with my beauty.

“ What are you mad for you can tag him I don ’ t care @ davido _dmwhq that what ur man is out here doing @ thechefchi calling a 17 year old broke how am I supposed to be rich
like he got time time to click and go in my dm wow ”.

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