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A2B Music Review: Jerrybell's "Light Up Lagos" Vs Jazzycute's "Headache" Which is The Best Vocal Song

Hi A2Bers, It's been a while since we've last Reviewed Songs In Here, Let's blame that on our tight schedules as a Finalist.

Today we would be Reviewing Two New Songs That Just Shattered the Internet this Month.

The Two Artistes Standing in This Frame are two super talented Fellow with incredible Vocals.

The Line is to be drawn between Jerrybell - "Light Up Lagos" and Jazzycute - "Headache".

This both Artiste have done a great job in serving us Hot STEW and we don't know which one sweet pass, Lol. So join us as we check them through.

Jerrybell - Light Up Lagos

Light Up Lagos's a Song dedicated to the Outgoing Lagos State Governor, Gov. Ambode. Jerrybell Swung by with a Pepperoni And Captivating Track to show his support to the Man of Integrity.

All lights were out when Ambode lost the Primary Elections under the All Progressive Congress (APC) to his Strong Contestant, Sanwo Olu. Only if Ambode had won, this would have hit all Radio stations and Break the Internet better.

All the same the Vocals used in delivering the Ear-piercing Track is Jaw-Dropping as he switch from High to Low Pitch with ease, Flows with the Beat is superb and this Track has gotten Thousands Expecting Another Single From the Talented Artiste.

We Rate this: 8/10 (🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐⭐)

Jazzycute - Headache

Ever Since The Release Of His Mind Blowing Epp "Moonlight", Headache Seems to be the Most Talked about and most sought after Track on the Epp list as many Fell in Love with it the very First time they hit the Play button.

The Track which is a Love Song is Super Enchanting with the Vocals Served by Jazzycute.

He made sure all goes well, from the Backup to the level of Flowing with the Beat and Extremely Unique Lyrics.

More accolades to him for this Fantastic Song as he makes wooing a Girl get more easier.

We Rate This: 8/10 (🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐⭐)

As you can all see, our Hands are tight. It's all left to you, to decide which is Better by dropping your answer below.

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