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Gbosa: For the sixth year in a row, Michael Jackson Tops 2018’s Highest Earning Dead Celebrities List

Michael Jackson has been named the top-earning dead celebrity for the sixth year in a row.

That King Of Pop reign just won’t let up. Michael Jackson may no longer be here in the physical, but his impact is ever-enduring. And, per Forbes, there are receipts to prove it.
Because for another successive year, MJ has been named the highest earning deceased celebrity.

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Per the publication, Jackson’s Estate accrued a whopping $400 million over the last year. MJ’s wins are mostly linked to the sale of his stake in EMI Music Publishing.

While the rest of the tally is made up by additional returns from his Mijac Music catalogue, a new record deal with Sony, and TV projects such as CBS special ‘Michael Jackson’s Halloween.’ First screening last year, the which returned for another annual screening last week.

Speaking on the posthumous MJ wins, John Branca, the co-executor of his Estate said:
“You see Charlie Brown Christmas and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving every year, so now we’re looking to have Michael Jackson’s Halloween every year. We hope that it’ll become evergreen.”

The figure bring Jackson’s earnings to $2.4 billion in the decade since his 2009 death.

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