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Don't Take Pepper o: See the Craziest Things Nigerians on Twitter revealed they have done this Year [Rib-Cracking]

Nigerians on Twitter are sharing thr craziest thing they've done this year and they are absolutely hilarious.

Ranging from the weird, to the absurd, scary and downright stupid.

See the thread below....

Replying to @OmoAkure_ @Maikhelm__
I ran like i was being pursued to my estate gate from the bus stop in the midnight because  i was scared of the walking in the dark street
22 8:55 PM - Nov 29, 2018
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Replying to @OmoAkure_
Gambling with 100k in less than 6hours and it wasn't my money. Visual sport almost put me to shame
5 6:14 PM - Nov 29, 2018
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Danny_ D
Replying to @OmoAkure_ @frosh_emerald
Smashing a lady's ass on a bike
She felt like taking a flight after me
8 10:03 AM - Nov 30, 2018
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Replying to @OmoAkure_
Smoked weed infront of my father, still regret it up till now
4 1:41 AM - Nov 30, 2018
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Michael Onipede
Replying to @OmoAkure_
I had my bath in front of a bank at EKSU when there was no water in the hostel. It was in the night tho and I wasn't the only one. We had to hide behind flowers when people passed. That's the craziest thing I've done in my life . I'm never trying it again. O risky gan
15 9:43 PM - Nov 29, 2018
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Replying to @OmoAkure_
Walking from Accra Mall through 37 down to One corner spot just to smoke 1 roll of king size cigar
11:10 AM - Nov 30, 2018
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No Role Models
Replying to @OmoAkure_ @blavkefe
I can't say it here in public
3 4:56 PM - Nov 29, 2018
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Switzerland Bound Mo
Replying to @OmoAkure_ @toolzofficial_
Spent all my money n now I’m thinking of kidnapping myself so they pay me the ransom I ask for
38 3:43 PM - Nov 29, 2018
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Black Jack
Replying to @OmoAkure_ @TheVicmoss
Entered bike without money...stopped in front of my gate ,entered the house and didn't come out
76 6:30 PM - Nov 29, 2018
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Replying to @OmoAkure_
E mad gan
15 3:36 PM - Nov 29, 2018
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Replying to @OmoAkure_
Lol...Almost everyone definition of crazy is what I do everyday.... Lemme start.
1: my rommie was owing me money for over 2 month's n I knew he had cash on him but was unwilling to pay back. So I packed 4 of his best shirt and dumped it inside d soakway,he is still looking 4 dem
16 6:11 PM - Nov 29, 2018
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Replying to @OmoAkure_
Fucked another girl while my wife was at church.
2 9:26 PM - Nov 29, 2018
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I (un)follow back
Replying to @OmoAkure_
Gave a stranger's kid real condom for balloon, told him to go and give his mum to blow it for him, and I ran away
1 9:25 AM - Nov 30, 2018
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Thvt_Short Gee
Replying to @OmoAkure_
8:02 PM - Nov 29, 2018
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