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EeeeGbam: “Banky W is going to win this”, “No wonder he failed in the music industry and Nollywood Industry” | Nigerians spark as they react to Banky W’s political ambition

Musician and actor, Bankole Wellington aka Banky W has announced his intention to run for the Eti Osa Constituency in the Lagos state House of Representatives.

Set to run on the platform of the Modern Democratic Party, Banky W held an announcement event on Saturday where he stated his cause.

As expected, Nigerians on Twitter have reacted to this announcement with some commending him while others have called him out for being a hypocrite and a Buharist.

See their reactions:

YOUNG people are already talking down on Banky W's declaration… What do you people really want?

— Tessyama👑 (@tescool) November 10, 2018

I first saw M.I, then Basket Mouth, then Banky W…, heard something like New Democratic Party or so, na then I just soji. APC undercover racket to scatter Southern votes don enter gear 4.

— Mr Stanley Nwabia (@MrStanleyNwabia) November 10, 2018

That big head called @BankyWno go stay one place, himself and many useless artists come subsidy protest against @GEJonathan but lost their voices when Buhari enter. No wonder hr failed woefully in the music industry. Useless musicians

— AGUDA JUDE MAKHENA (@JudeMakhena) November 10, 2018

If you're a youth and you go against Banky W intention pls note that you're one of the problem in this country!

If you stay in Eti Osa axis and you're a graduate and you see Banky W intention as scam you've problem.

Lemme ask you did you know the outgoing Hon rep Eti Osa?

— Ajasa (@adeshina_ajasa) November 10, 2018

So Banky W running for office makes the country a joke? Didn't a former wrestler Jesse Ventura became governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger an actor became governor too. The current president of the United States is a business man with zero political experience. The joke is you

— CaptainBluntschli (@PraiseBlossom1) November 10, 2018

Instead of sitting at home and typing on Twitter, banky w has decided to make an impact by contesting. That alone is commendable. Wish him extra plenty luck and goodwill!

— Busola Idowu (@busolaidowu) November 10, 2018

People prolly just not supporting Banky W's political ambition cos it looks like a retirement plan after music. The transition woulda been easy if he was ever vocal or spearheading any political movement before now. 🤔

— Ferdinand (@Burmese_Tyga) November 10, 2018


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