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Freeze Vs Jesus: Daddy Freeze Condemns The Name “JESUS” says it has no meaning as he States Points in the Bible [Do you agree]

To all Christians, is Daddy Freeze right about this? Have your say in the comment section after reading this post.

Controversial Nigerian On Air Personality and online preacher, Daddy Freeze has said that 99% of what our Pastors and G.Os taught us is false, as he reveals yet another controversy in his teachings.

According to him, the word ‘ Jesus ’ has no meaning and was invented by manipulators who aligned his birthday with Nimrod’s and the pagan ‘solstice of the sun’

Read his post below:-

❝ 99% of what your Pastors and GOs taught you is false!
How can his name be ‘Jesus’ when the letter ‘j’ was not part of the English language until 1634? Here is a copy of the original translation of the King James Bible completed in 1611.

How can his name be Jesus when the Hebrew alphabet doesn’t have a ‘j’ sounding letter?

The name ‘Jesus’ is less that 400 years old, how can it aptly depict a savior that resurrected 2,018 years ago?

Yeshua is Hebrew remember? So why does he have a Latin name?

◄ Hebrews 7:14 ►
For it is clear that our Lord descended from Judah,

◄ John 4:22 ►
You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.

If salvation is from the Jews, why do we have a Latin Jesus, but obey the law of Moses and pay tithe like the Jews?

The names ‘Joshua’ and ‘Jesus’ are exactly the same word in Hebrew and Greek, the Bible’s first languages, the names were separated in Latin…. why?

Be careful of what name you call… The name ‘Jesus’ was invented, Yahweh had a son called Yeshua, which means salvation! the name Jesus has no meaning, it’s an invention!

Yeshua is our Saviour, while ‘Jesus’ was invented by manipulators, who aligned his birthday with Nimrod’s and the pagan ‘solstice of the sun’.

Yeshua said you can only worship him in truth and in spirit (John4), if you don’t know the truth, you end up worshiping a pagan invention. ~FRZ
#FreeTheSheeple ❞

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