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Poem Of The Day: "Cabals" By Flo [Must Read]

Today on The Poem Of The Day on A2satsBlog, we bring you a nice write-up from your Favorite and Our Number one male Writer, Flo titled "Cabals". Enjoy!


Few hands hold the resources meant for all.
Few eyes oversee what's for the majority,
Few mouths eat more than multitudes combined together.

A few bottoms seat at the elms of affair,
Minority makes the law,
They share the pay.
The cabals milks the treasury almost dry,
They run mafias,
Black milk belonging to all divided into blocs,
Blocs hijacked by the very few individual cabals,
Cabals of corruption and impunity,
And mafias that have no regard for fellow human existence.

One day a hand will grow outward from the ground,
Backed up with a thick voice,
Shouting 'Enough is enough,  you are oppressing us. Your doom is now'.

That hand will be the hand of the masses wrath,
The baritone voice will be that of the oppressed multitude,
Your houses shall be rendered desolate,
Your riches shall be scattered,
Power you accrue shall be revolted,
Your wealth shall go to the masses in the end.
And you will be stripped of honor.

Written by Apesinola (Flo)

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