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GhenGhen: Shock as Chinese Evangelist who died and resurrected says he saw many Africans collecting firewood in hell [See Meaning]

Several people not only encountered heaven, but hell as well. Hell is real, and evil exists.

A Chinese Evangelist who died at 9:01 am on Friday and resurrected after 17 hours has narrated of his encounter both in hell and heaven.

Wang Xiu Ying says that his journey to heaven was interrupted by an Angel called Luj when he told him that his time had not come. Angel Luj decided to take him for a tour to hell where he accidentally bumps into many Africans collecting firewood.

Angel Luj tells him that Africans collecting firewood at the gates of hell symbolizes a sinful continent that might face God’s wrath anytime.

It is at this juncture that his journey to hell is cut short,a special bulb is set to send him back to earth.

Evangelist Wang Xiu Ying who is set to visit Nigeria in January,says God has sent him to warn leaders who mislead God’s people, to prophets and priests and pastors and teachers who by their example or their doctrine lead the sheep into sinful conduct and destructive beliefs.

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