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Poem Of The Day: "Don't Die Now" By Flo [Must Read]

Today on The Poem Of The Day on A2satsBlog, we bring you a nice write-up from your Favorite and Our Number one male Writer, Flo titled "Don't Die Now". Enjoy!

_Don't Die Now_

When I was a child,
I knew love through you,
Your knees are always bent in prayers for me,
And your hearts never ceased to watch over me.

I remember all the promises I made,
Even though I was a child,
And had no full idea of what I was saying.

I promised I would build you houses,
Buy you nice clothes,
And buy expensive cars; everything just for you.

I promised to make you proud,
Yes by making sure I turn out well for you;
Make you proud and happy_

Giving you a happy family has always been my dream,
A good life partner and grandchildren you would love and cherish,
Undiluted love from me to you.

The time is near now,
Time to fulfill those wishes and dreams of mine,
Time to make those promises come to pass,
And time to reminisce on our past when the promises are achieved.

Please don't die now,
Stay with me,
Not just for a short while,
But till you see your grandchildren have their own children.

If you leave now,
It will be the greatest loss to me,
A loss that will continue to linger in my memory,
And leave me unbalanced emotionally.
So,  do us some good,
And live on longer.

I will keep my pact.
Please keep your pact too.
Remember all the promises you made,
And don't die now.

Written by Apesinola (Flo)


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