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Gidigbam: Ladies See This Powerful Relationship Tip, Guys Too can check it out sha [Must Read]

Fountain of Life church Pastor Taiwo Odukoya’s wife, Nomthi has sent a message to ladies who search their husband’s phone.

Read piece below:

My mum was the type of Christian who did not believe in wearing earrings or makeup. So, when I started wearing earrings, I didn’t wear them at home.

I kept them in my bag to wear anytime I left home, and would remove them just before entering the house. But one day, all my smartness came to an end; I forgot to take off my earrings before entering the house. Whilst I was gisting and having fun, she noticed I was wearing earrings, and she confronted me.

I can’t remember my response to her question, but it definitely didn’t feel good to be caught looking like a disobedient child.

Lesson: Don’t bother searching through your spouses’ phone, looking for something to pin on them. Just like my mum caught me with the earrings without any effort, the Holy spirit will effortlessly reveal to you, if they are involved in anything inappropriate.

Relax and enjoy your life

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