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Lmao: Read this Viral POST by An 'Osogbo Indigene' without Wearing Bulletproof, let's see if You can Survive [Don't Take Pepper o]

A2Bers, Hope You're not taking pepper while Reading this, we can't carry somebody o.

So there's this post From an Osogbo Indigene Which has gone viral for the wrong reason.

The Writer actually penned the post inorder to call people's attention to an incidence of Gas Explosion which she reportedly witnessed.

The post actually gathered alot of attention but the attention was drawn at his/her English. People ehn😂😂

Kindly ignore the Heading of this Article asking you to put off Bulletproof, please put your Bulletproof on o, if you don't have one go and Borrow before reading the Post below.😂😂😂😆

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