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OMG: Checkout This Emotional & Mind blowing Birthday Write-up for these Kids by Flo [Must Read]

Flo known for his Amazing works so far so good in delivering top notch Poems have shared a mind blowing Birthday write-up for these lovely kids.


6 years ago,  it was just papa and mama.
A year later, Asegunloluwa joined,
3 years added,  the family is four-Obaalayo was welcomed.

Your years are meaningful,
5years plus 2years make 7 years.
A capital representation of completeness,
And an awesome blessing to mankind.

Seeing you run after each other brings smiles to mama's face,
Having your hearts breathe close to papa makes him fulfilled.

Papa's figure is brightly spoken through you,
Mama's stance is firmly embodied in you.
You are their legacy.
Legacy that can never be ruined.

After a sweet victory in the Lord,
The king must rejoice,
Oh yes!
Put on your best regalia,
And wear your dancing shoes.
Let the glory of the Lord encompass you both,
As you dance to the sound of victory,
And shout for joy in happiness.

It is your birthday, 
Papa and mama say;
long live kings,
Long live our pride.

The world says;
Many happy returns,
In good health and sound wisdom,
As we wait for you,
To lead the world victoriously to a joyous end in Christ Jesus.

Written by Apesinola (Flo)

Courtesy: Dad and Mom

Dedicated to Asegunloluwa and Obaalayo

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