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Gbese re o: Man Sells his Kidney to buy iPhone 4 & iPad then THIS happened [See Here]

A 25 year old boy who sold his kidney to purchase an iphone at age 17 has been left bedridden and disabled following the costly move

Identified by his surname Wang, it was learnt that in 2011, he had his kidney removed in an underground clinic before selling it on the black market for 22,000 yuan (£2,528) in 2011 when he was just 17 years old.

In a desperate attempt to prove to his classmates that he was trendy, despite the fact that his cash-strapped parents could not afford the tech device, the teenager opted for the grave move in exchange for money to buy an iPhone and iPad

In order to raise funds for his gadgets, the high school student found three middlemen on a Chinese online chatting platform QQ, who promised to help him realise his dream – but at the cost of one kidney.

To complete the transaction, Wang travelled from his hometown in the eastern Anhui Province – one of China’s poorest provinces – to the southern Hunan Province in April, 2011.

Wang successfully traveled without the knowledge of his parents and upon his arrival, the middlemen introduced the boy to two surgeons, one surgeon’s assistant and one nurse, all of who worked at local hospitals and were moonlighting.

His story has left many in shock such that the iPhone device was nicknamed ‘kidney machines’
The kidney was then sold to a patient by the middlemen illegally and the recipient paid 150,000 yuan (£17,258) as well as $10,000 (£7,860) for the organ. Wang was paid 22,000 yuan – 10 per cent of the total profit – while the middlemen kept the majority of the money.

The boy immediately bought an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 with the money before returning to Anhui Province.

His mother only discovered the situation when she saw him with his new digital products. She wondered where he had got the money and Wang told her he had sold his kidney. His mother called the police

It was not long after that Wang’s health quickly deteriorated as he suffered from renal deficiency and later became disabled

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