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Lobatan: Young Pretty Facebook girl Scatters the internet by posting THIS [See Here]

A 19-year-old lady has declared interest in the man with down syndrome, who married a minor in Ozubulu, Anambra state.

In a post on a Facebook group, Onuh Chisom Maryjane, slammed those insulting the man. She didn't spare the young nursing mother, Chinwe, either.

She also stated that she'll marry the man on the condition that his 'rich' family members, open up a business for her, buy her a car and credit her account.

Read her post below:
"Since u people doesn't want him to marry a 15 year old girl,fine
Bring him to me let him marry a 19 yrs old girl
If u people doesn't want him,i want me
Somepeople are wicked,they don't want him to enjoy what other s are enjoying,people should stop insulting him,any ways that girl no fine at all and am finer than her,
I also heard that his brother Is rich,that good to know, but before i marry him, their must buy me a car,credit my account and open up a business for me
Pls am interested in him"


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