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Yeeparipa: See What Man United fans are saying to Pogba after posing with Salah [Check Here]

Manchester United fans are not happy at Pogba for striking a pose with Liverpool’s Mo Salah.

Man UTD fans went as far as urging him to take down the social media post.

The 25-year-old France World Cup winner enraged supporters on Thursday when he took to his social media to show photos from the latest Adidas marketing event alongside current African Footballer of the Year.

Rivalries put aside as Man Utd star Pogba poses with Salah

Pogba uploaded pictures of him and Salah on his Twitter handle smiling which was caption: “Plotting with the King of Egypt.”
However, Manchester United fans didn’t appear to mind their friendship off the pitch, the majority of supporters were furious to see Red Devils player openly praising a fierce rival.

You don't plot with the enemy 😂

— Aladiin (@IamAladiin) January 31, 2019

Nah something isn't right in ur head. Why with Salah it RIVAL

— Ethan (@ftblethxn) January 31, 2019

Delete man bun him

— 👑 (@tobi_o02) January 31, 2019

Delete now Labile

— P (@miprox_) January 31, 2019

Can only imagine Roy Keanes face when he sees this

— ً (@DarrenCam_) January 31, 2019

I am sad about the depressed United fans who are angry abt this. They need a hug.

— Elvchy (@Evschyma) January 31, 2019

Kick him in the ankle Pogs 👹

— Darran Fellows (@WalesUtd) January 31, 2019

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