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Freshers Get In Here: 15 important things You Should Know About UNIOSUN [Check Here]

Akingbade Ademide just dropped a quick message to the newly matriculated students of Osun State University in one of his latest rants.

See Below:


For the freshers...

15 facts about UNIOSUN.

1. UNIOSUN is not an advanced secondary school. The earlier you start treating her like a university, the better your chances of graduating.

2. Like a woman that has multiple sugar daddies, UNIOSUN likes money. The only way to avoid her trap is to do what's right at the appropriate time.

3. You think UNIOSUN is boring? Ahh, you will soon know. The fun is in town. A level of fun that's capable of ruining your life.

4. A lot of people in UNIOSUN are pretenders. Know who you are walking with!

5. FYI, there's something about UNIOSUN that makes you feel like you can spend your school fee and get it back later. You will never get that money back if you spend it. No matter how hard you try. If they close the portal and you've not registered, start telling them at home to clean up your room cos, you're going home!

6. If you know you want to do yahoo, drop out and do. Don't waste your parents money by paying school fees.

7. If you want to succeed in UNIOSUN ehn, don't go after some woke UNIOSUN girls. They know things you don't know. They've been to places you can never go. They will suck your life for you like feeding bottle.

8. UNIOSUN and discipline are into a relationship. Don't be shocked if you are sent out of an exam hall because you're not on low cut.

9. If you want to be unfortunate, UNIOSUN will allow you. You won't even know that you're already unfortunate until you're over unfortunate.

10. If you like, be rude to your lecturers and think nothing will happen to you. They will get you. Ahhh, small thing nìyẹn. They will get you.

11. If you did not wait to collect home training at home, UNIOSUN is not for you.

12. If you are already showing traits of an unfortunate person in your first year in UNIOSUN, you can not graduate. Even if your mum is God, you will not graduate.

13. If you like, come to UNIOSUN and start copying people. Trying to fit into their expensive lifestyle. You will carry gun las las. And trust me, UNIOSUN students don't treat thieves nicely. Once they catch you, even your friends will join hands to beat you. Ará ń kán everybody!

14. UNIOSUN is not as coded as you think. If you do threesome in Suzzy, we always hear at small gate.

15. We're all mad here. There's no new thing that you want to do in 100 level now that your elders haven't done before. So don't goan think that there's smoke in your head. If you walk anyhow and step on toes that will not forgive you, your own has met you.

Welcome to the land of the demons.

Happy Matriculation...

Akingbade Ademide

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