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INTERVIEW: Mzz Bussy Hosts C.E.O of Naijaloaded.Com, Makinde Azeez as he speaks on blogging, relationship, challenges and Money Ritual [Must Read]

Mzz Bussy Hosts the CEO of one of the most visited sites in Nigeria, in person of Makinde Azeez on TIME OUT WITH BUSSY on TOWB TV as he speaks on life as a blogger, relationship, challenges and lot more.

Mzz_bussy: Good evening and welcome to another interesting episode of TIME OUT WITH BUSSY on TOWB TV, I am your host Fadare Oluwabusayo (a.k.a mzz_bussy). On today's episode, guess who my guest is (I bet its someone you'd never imagined) With me here is the brain box behind NAIJALOADED.COM @Makinde naijaloaded
Good evening sir; can we meet you?
MakindeNaijaloaded: I am Mankinde Azeez Akoni. I am a blogger, (I don't want to call myself a CEO) but I am the founder of NAIJALOADED.COM

Mzz_bussy: lol.....  All the same you are still the "chief executive officer "  So my first question goes thus:
How did naijaloaded start?
MakindeNaijaloaded: In all sincerity, it has been a journey , I started around October 1st. Naijaloaded was launched on 1st of October 2009.

Mzz_bussy: Wow..... Impressive . It has been in existence for 10years now.
MakindeNaijaloaded: Yes and we are working towards celebrating our 10years anniversary.
How naijaloaded started; Nigeria going through a lot, in the sense that internet are not easily accessible. Naijaloaded was solely created to make internet very simple and easily accessible to all.

Mzz_bussy: From my findings, I've realized naijaloaded to be the 21st website in Nigeria and 7th largest indigenous site, what were the cost(the ups and downs/challenges)?
MakindeNaijaloaded: First of all, I had like to correct something. Naijaloaded is the 15th top biggest website Nigeria- backing with the likes of Google, Facebook Yahoo.
15th most visited in Nigeria are 3rd indigenous website.
The website was built out of surfing the internet; issues with hackers going through the site and bringing down the website, funding the website as well; the more you visit the more you find it including host charges... most times we were not able to meet the requirements
The main challenge was expenses (funding),getting professionals to manage the site and all that but God being faithful, we were able to scale through.

Mzz_bussy: Wow that's really nice
My next question....
Young people out there are scared of getting married simply because of the cost and dedication, so now I will like to ask the question
How are you able to blend your matrimonial home and work together?
You know you work requires a lot of dedication and it's all about consistency as well as continuity
MakindeNaijaloaded: It has not been easy lots of relationships broke as a result of lack of time. 24hrs is not enough to keep a lady as well as the job. Was not able to give lot of attention at the course of the work .
Thank God I was able to get one who understands the ethics of the job.
She understands and has proven to be very supportive.
Now we have loads of staffs, obligations & responsibilities are being divided... different people handling the sites.

Mzz_bussy: Yea nothing is as good as getting someone who understands the ethics of your job and is very supportive.
So now, what brought about the concept of naijaloaded TV?
MakindeNaijaloaded: Video content is cool, passing a message through articles, blogging , people might not understand but with video concept without stress we are able to connect to larger number of people.
Video format is easier to understand
More TV content; street gbedu, voice of the street, online platforms where we've been able to position ourselves .
Still working towards building our station on local TVs, dstv . Our YouTube videos with about 2millons views on documentary .
The concept of money ritual, different views, types of money ritual, response commending the video from Canada and diff part if the world 
The video is also top5 on YouTube trending

Mzz_bussy: Wow.... Interesting
Funny enough you've started answering my next question. So the question is,
The interview with the head herbalist that was held in Osun state, Osogbo on money ritual,
What triggered that kind of Interview concept?

MakindeNaijaloaded: Well it was from the conversation at the office- months of different news of people running mad, people barking, all kind of horrible news on internet and news.
Carried out some research on YouTube, and we some videos which the environment wasn't interesting enough . So having watched countless of movies, we then decided to come up with a documentary which can't take place in Lagos because it is an urban city so we got across to the head herbalist in Osun state through some friends.
I schooled in Osun state. The man very enlightened person and trust me it was a hit.
We've received nothing less than 300request from different Channels requesting for his number. The motive behind the video is to school the desperate people who are hungry for success and to reduce the rate of ignorance of those desperate for success and wealth.
The video on money ritual has produced the best result so far so good.
Being desperate can be channeled into something legitimate as well. We did a really good work in that part because the response of Nigerians on that video was really massive.

Mzz_bussy: That was be honest with you, that video on money ritual was what actually made me attracted to naijaloaded.... The settings all and which made it look more real was different from the normal one we watch and the way the man was able to break down in a way it can be easily understood
Mzz_bussy: What are your fears?
MakindeNaijaloaded: My major fear is becoming irrelevant and that fear has actually helped me come up with a whole lot of strategy.  Nigeria keep using naijaloaded.
My fear is naijaloaded going down. I believe those fear is a normal type of fear and I pray God continue moving us forward

Mzz_bussy: True... there is not as worse as coming down after you've attained success.
If not blogging what else would you have ventured into?
MakindeNaijaloaded: A web designer and a programmer though I started with those. That gave me passion for blogging. I started blogging for the fun and not for the money which has actually helped to grow.
Others who were involved diverted from blogging though.
Not coming for the money was what has made naijaloaded come this far

Mzz_bussy: Who has impacted you most in your career and how?
MakindeNaijaloaded: Well I don't have a very big squad. Sincerely speaking, my background is my biggest motivation, knowing there was no one to run to, no one impacted business wise.
I have people I look up to though. I believe if they were able to do it, nothing stops me from doing it. I look up to  2 people they motivate me without them knowing: Opeyemi the founder of, Ugohost (web hosting) co founder  a car dealer company and Akin Alabi the founder of

Mzz_bussy: Ok nice my last question and we call it a day.
There are a lot of prominent bloggers out there today who are really striving to make it big,
What advice do you have for them?
MakindeNaijaloaded: Most bloggers out now cares about the money most.
I understand money is a big thing but grow small business into something big should be the goal.
I've seen a lot of good writers, brilliant young people who have killed their blogging their blogging career because Google access ban them and they are unable to get a paying  them. They killed a lot of killer content they could come up with
When I started I was making $1000 to $20000 using Google access account, it then got disabled and money was no longer made.
Today I feel I would have been the biggest idiot if naijaloaded had stopped then. If your sources of income is not consistent, think of other things you can divert in on your platform.
Come up with different and new ideas and before you know it, you will meet with like minds ahead you will get people coming for you.
Google access is not the only way build a fan base for yourself to draw people's attention.

Mzz_bussy: Well this might just seem like an interview but I feel like I am learning a great deal.
Thank you very much for your advice, lessons and all you've done a lot.
MakindeNaijaloaded: I'm glad you are also learning. Thank you for having me

Mzz_bussy: I hope when next we call you on a much bigger platform, you will honor our invites.
MakindeNaijaloaded: No problem, just keep doing what you are doing.


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