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Babanla Scam: Drama as Student drops fake Cheaque for "Money Bag" and "Most Expensive" Award at department Dinner Night [Full Details]

A Student of Kwara state University, has been called out by the English department association of the institution for defrauding and scamming them.

The Guy(Name withheld till next post) who is also an upcoming Artiste, allegedly dropped a fake Cheaque to bag two expensive awards from his department which causes an outrage afterwards.

"The awards cost 600k; Most Expensive & Money Bag. This guy bagged this two awards writing us a fake Cheaque, we should've known it was fake because he wrote someone's else name on it" A source relayed to A2satsBlog.

"One costs 100k while the other costs 500k... but instead, he wrote a Cheaque of 10k and 50k which we barely noticed until we got to the bank. Neither 60k nor 600k could be cashed out" The source cried out.

However, details about the student would be published on our next post. Stay tuned.

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