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Police Brutality: "They're Kidnapping us" See what Nigerian Police allegedly did to Flykid and Jason [Full Details]

Matters of Police brutality has been one of the main reasons many loses trust in the Nigerian Police over the past few decades and it doesn't seems to end soon as the bad cops are outnumbering the good cops.

Nigerian Sensational Artistes, Flykid and Jason were victims of this outrageous act of the Nigerian Police as they allegedly got extorted of a whopping sum of 50,000Naira.

"I'm not pained by the 50k, but you have to see how they were pushing boys into their bus, they beat a guy who even has no phone till blood started coming through his ear" Flykid exclaimed.

"Nigerian Police deserve a diss track, they're now kidnapping us!" He added.

While speaking with A2satsBlog correspondent, Flykid who just got signed to ElvRecords recently, made it known that the Policemen took them from Osogbo to Ilesha and kept threatening them. In one of his updates, he wrote "A gun to my head".

The "E Sure For Me" Crooner maintained that crypton currency is considered as crime in this country and Officially announced that he has lost his love & support for Nigerian Police.

What's your take on this? Have you ever been brutalised by the Nigerian Police or witnessed ? Drone also? Drop a comment.

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