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BREAKING: Shocking Details About "Pant Prank" The Short Comedy Movie by TooShot Comedy that's set to be premiered This Weekend surfaces [Must Read]

Anticipation has been set high as Award winning Nigerian Entertainment Movie Brand, TooShot Comedy is set to release their Fourth skit of the year 2019 as they titled it "Pant Prank".

Speaking on the reason behind the title the CEO explains that "You shouldn't expect less from us, we are the types that go from romance to action from action to adventures and lot more.. so Pant Prank is another mystery which you have to solve when you get to see the short Movie".

"This is something we've been planning on for a while, Pant Prank should have been shot last year but it was delayed due to our Auditions that was held at that moment" He added.

When asked if there's any hidden message in the short movie, the CEO revealed that "Sure, alot. We tried to reveal what it's like to maintain a Crew most especially the TooShot Comedy crew, the first scene speaks more of that; We literally put up that scene to potray what we are actually going through to maintain the Crew".

"Pant Prank also talked more of what could happen when pranking goes extremely wrong and I'm sure you can't wait to see the end of it" He added.

"One of the main things our fans should be expecting are new faces, we have the likes of Khloe Kemi, Neymar, Sayo and Testimony starring for their very first time in the Skit and you're sure going to be amazed by their performance. Our A-list Actor, Olatee also starred in the Short Movie".

"It would be released for viewers this Saturday" He concluded.

The graphics/Art cover (manipulated by Tessy Design) has however been going viral since its release on Thursday.

The Short Movie "Pant Prank" is set to be premiered via their YouTube Channel, subscribe ahead below:

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