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A2B Walkie Talkie: Are These 5, The Most Humble Celebrities In UNIOSUN [Let's Talk]

Hey guys, welcome to another section of A2B Walkie Talkie, Where we all share a room to discuss, diberate, shake tables and arrive at a Conclusion.

It's no news that the heart of Entertainment in UNIOSUN is spiking up rapidly and most Entertainers in Nigeria Industry are looking forward to securing a show in there.

Well that's an article for another day on A2SATSBLOG, Back to the main point, UNIOSUN has been surrounded with Student Celebrities over the years which is absolutely an amazing way forward, it could be hypothesised that once you're an Entertainer in this multi-campus institution you would rise to stardom in a distance of a session if you're really consistent.

Many Celebrities have emerged from different sector of the Entertainment industry in the school and many have been recognised National, this includes Dancers, Artistes, Make-up Artists, Fine Artists, Dancers, Comedians, Djs Influencers and Bloggers to mention a few.

Our Hard working staffs at A2SATSBLOG ™, have worked up their asses to compile a list of 5 most Humble Celebrities in UNIOSUN as the list of Most Proud waits ahead.

While compiling the list, we took time to study the celebrities within our radar to note how they relate with total strangers and fans. Check them out below and let's hear if you think otherwise

See Below:

5. Uncle Ade - Rant Guy (Osogbo Campus)

Uncle Ade in person of Akingbade Ademide popularly known as the RANT GUY is known for his power of Writing and Zero tolerance for Oppression, Rape, Biased Judgement and Corruption, just to mention a few. Uncle Ade is one of the ever consistent writers in the Institution with over 800 Rants to his name under 2-3 Years. His unique style of staying humble when interacting with Strangers and fans secured him a slot on this chat.

4. Wittyblaze (Osogbo Campus)

Sensational Artiste on Campus, Wittyblaze is the next on the list. Wittyblaze who's enjoying the moment following the release of his fast trending track "TERE" is one of the best Artistes on campus with his unique vibes. His way of relating with fans and strangers was well studied by us and it came out green. Wittyblaze's contact is almost everywhere and he always put in his best in replying messages as soon as possible despite large and bulky chats he receives daily. 

3. DJ Jidophobia (Ejigbo Campus)

Following his trending Mixtapes (#BestOfNairaMarley and #SMMWA - Super Monthly Mixtape with A2SAT May Edition) plus his Track "Maria" featuring sensational artistes; Rotimsky and Bestman, DJ Jidophobia immediately became one of the Celebrities (To check their Humbleness Rate) on our list. A quick follow-up was made down to Ejigbo campus where he's based in and we were surprised to hear that He's one of the most Humble Celebrities in UNIOSUN, We were made to understand that he doesn't see himself as one big, proud celebrity but rather an approachable, gentle minded fellow.

2. M.Care (Osogbo Campus)

M.Care is surely one of the best Celebrities for this Slot, his act of acquittance is 100, He relates well with strangers and treat fans like his Godfathers. This is no doubt why you see a massive turn out from many fans rocking his latest single "Fever Pitch" outfit almost everyday. He barely makes Enemies.

1. DJ Speakz (Osogbo Campus)

DJ Speakz who's currently enjoying the wave brought by his last mixtape, #WIDS(Who Is Dj Speaks) surely deserves a crown. DJ Speakz was studied from every angle and trust me, we don't Know how he copes being that Humble. He's one of the few Celebrities you come across on the street without knowing he's one. He's a role model to many and loved by all.

Gbam! There you have it, drop your comments in the comment section if you think otherwise ядн.

Enjoy your day!


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